The Flash season 7 premiere gives Barry a new suit

The Flash season 7 premiere, starring Grant Gustin as Scarlet Speedster on The CW, sees Barry Allen debuting in an all-new suit.

The flash The season 7 premiere gives Barry a new suit. Currently the longest-running scripted show on The CW network, The flash It first premiered in Fall 2014 as an Arrow spin-off series and the second major building block for The CW’s Arrowverse. It stars Grant Gustin (Joy) as the titular Flash, also known as Barry Allen, the legendary hero of the DC Comics universe. The show also stars Candice Patton (The game) as Iris West-Allen, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, aka Vibe, Danielle Panabaker (Justified) as Caitlin Snow, aka Killer Frost, and Jesse L. Martin (Law) as Joe West.

The iconic character’s costume design is an aspect of The flash that the creators of the show have paid strict attention from the beginning. It’s evolved over the years, seeing multiple iterations, with some renderings getting more favorable fan reactions than others. The inaugural season saw a minimalist take on a darker red hue, somewhat divergent from the traditional Flash look. For season 5, Barry had received a ring containing a Flash suit that could be donned on the go, similar to the one in the comics. The Season 6 design then showed off its most accurate look from a comic book, removing the leather for a rough rubber-like texture, a bright red hue, a chin strap face mask, and a more pronounced look from the Flash’s trademark ear wings.

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The season 7 premiere of The flash, entitled “All is well that ends well.” found Barry sporting his newest costume variant thus far. The flash Twitter page, with the title “New Year, New Suit!” shows an animated gif of the moment after Barry emerges from a cryogenic capsule at the top of the episode. About to hunt down the newly discovered whereabouts of adversary Eva McCulloch, also known as Mirror Master, played by Efrat Dor (Sneaky pete), Flash’s new suit bathes him through its signature yellow beam, showing off the vibrant red hood. You can see the post below:

The most notable improvement for Barry is the way the new suit appears. Although the episode doesn’t go into detail about the origin of the suit or its design details, it is very reminiscent of Kara Danvers’s (Melissa Benoist) upgraded suit that first debuted in Supergirl season 5, episode 1, “Event Horizon”. Like Barry’s, it transforms seemingly out of nowhere, using nanotechnology to stay undetectable out of the way when not in use, but can still be activated and deployed at any time.

With Cisco and Caitlin currently on the show’s shelves, the redesign may come courtesy of the latest member of Team Flash, Chester P. Runk, played by Brandon McKnight (The shape of water) who entered the fray last season. The enthusiastic and manipulative genius has already made improvements to the team’s equipment, such as boosting his Gideon communication unit upon first joining, so he may well be the orchestrator behind Flash’s eye-catching threads. It’s also possible that the costume alterations are more than strictly cosmetic, as the Flash was smashed every time he took on the Mirror Master last season. It remains to be seen if the new suit hides a few more secrets to help Barry get the upper hand this season in The flash.

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