The most evil superman was corrupted by the Kents

In Crime Syndicate # 1, an origin flashback reveals that the evil Superman from Earth-3 started out as an innocent child just like New Earth’s Clark Kent.

Warning! Spoilers for Crime syndicate # 1 below

Earth-3 could be home to the most evil Superman, but a flashback reveals that the Kents are responsible for corrupting him. This suggests that this version of Clark Kent, along with everyone else on this planet, is not simply ambivalently evil just because it is “a world where everything we know is turned upside down … and where good does not always triumph in the end.“Certain events made them this way and, unfortunately for Clark of Earth-3, Ma and Pa are responsible.

Introducing the flashback to the origin of Clark of Earth-3, writer Andy Schmidt provides access to Clark’s thoughts, proving that he wasn’t always destined to become the evil version of Superman in Crime syndicate # 1 drawn by Bryan Hitch. Although the Kents took advantage of Clark’s powers by making him do all his work while instilling fear of the outside world, the boy grew up loving his parents and seeing them as the only people in the world he could trust.

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Only later, when Clark realizes that his parents, Jon and Martha Kent, were clearly using him, an uncontrollable rage consumes him, beginning Clark’s journey to become the antihero known as Ultraman. Readers see this almost immediately when an angry Clark adopts the same negative language the Kents used to instill fear into him of becoming a person who takes advantage of the generosity of others without giving anything in return: “You are just a couple of freeloaders.

In the present day, before joining the evil Justice League, Ultraman then adopts a rather alarming and perverse view of Metropolis and humanity as a whole, which he clearly expresses when a tentacled alien creature threatens to take away his city:Metropolis is mine … or nobody’s.“What happened to Clark the night he learned the truth about himself clearly formed his belief that humanity is something he can possess. Because of how his parents treated him, he now sees humanity as nothing more than freeloaders who will use their great powers – powers that he better than everyone on Earth. As he said as a child to his parents: “Do you think I owe you? Should I be grateful? So that? What could a couple of humans do for someone like me?“It’s because mom and dad showed him that humanity is not worthy of their love or respect for what he now sees as things that are less than him and objects that he can possess.

The real tragedy is that what Ultraman experiences is not necessarily owned by Earth-3. Clark from Earth-3 started out as the same positive and wonderful kid as his New Earth counterpart. It was the loathsome nature of Earth-3’s Kents that transformed him into the abomination that he would later become. This suggests that the same could have happened to Superman on New Earth. Luckily for this Clark, that monumental moment when he learned of his true origins didn’t turn him into a monster. That’s because the New Earth Kents treated him well. Due to your unwavering love and respect for him, Superman He came to see humanity as a race that deserved protection and was capable of achieving true greatness.

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