The Outriders story succeeds where fate failed

Outriders shows a better opening for an epic saga than Destiny did, hinting that People Can Fly may have learned from Bungie’s game.

Perhaps it is inevitable that gamers around the world will compare the new game from developer People Can Fly. Outriders with the mega hit of Bungie Destination. The two games have both superficial and mechanical similarities, belonging to the same looter and shooter genre that has baffled more than one major developer over the course of the last generation. Nevertheless, Outriders it’s not just another Anthem or Marvel Avengers. By the looks of the demo currently available, the People Can Fly team has learned the lessons of Destination and added in a classic narrative that players can follow from the beginning, and that makes all the difference when it comes to inviting new players into an unknown world.

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Back in 2014, the creators of aura shook the gaming world with the release of Destination. The weapon game and world layout were familiar to Bungie fans, and these players were also expecting the same operatic narration provided by the killer app for Xbox, but that just wasn’t there. Players took on the role of a mostly silent guardian aided by a small floating robot, reflecting the Master Chief and 343 Guilty Spark. While Chief’s few brusque words molded a character from the player’s inserted armor, the Guardian’s lack of a singular identity in the world of Destination It meant that the character’s actions don’t connect as well with fans.

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Beyond that, DestinationGuardians have that lack of identity by design. Each is an anonymous soldier with amnesia tasked with defending a religious order built around a giant floating orb. Most of the other protagonists of the games have at least one toe immersed in the relationship with the audience, either through their story or their motivations. Bungie’s new heroes were tools meant to push buttons when Peter Dinklage or Nolan North tells them to, and most current fans of the franchise would agree that they are not involved in the story.

How do Outriders improve in the Destiny storytelling?

Technomancer of the Outriders Fang Weapon

What Outriders With a full release still several weeks away as of this writing, it’s not fair to do a full comparison between the People Can Fly game and the full range of Destinationthe tradition. However, comparing the start of the two franchises gives Outriders a clear advantage. The available demo covers the game’s prologue and its first chapter, setting up a world where powerful individuals defend the last remnants of humanity against the marauders and the overwhelming natural forces of their new planet. It really sounds like a retread of games like Destination in short, but the devil is in the details.

For one, Outriders It starts from the beginning of the conflict, involving the titular Outrider in the situation before anything begins. DestinationThe world is well established when a player’s guardian awakens, requiring the game to explain itself during its first campaign. Through the magic of cryosleep, the Outrider is part of the prehistory surrounding the game’s battles, connecting them to what happens early on.

Trio of Outriders

The character of the Outrider is also important for People Can Fly improvements in Destinationformula of. There is no need for a floating AI to communicate with important characters or activate closed doors because the Outrider is a full-voiced protagonist taking a proactive role in the story. People Can Fly integrates the optional dialogue option and a host of scenes into opening hours to make the game feel like a single-player campaign from the Xbox 360 era. runtime, it will provide full game content even for those who don’t want to bother with its cooperative online functionality.

It is entirely possible that Outriders drop the ball after the content seen in the demo. After all, DestinationThe original demo showed a significant part of the main story of that game before its release. However, one would hope that People Can Fly has learned that lesson as well and really provided a real campaign to go along with all the loot and XP grinding inherent in the looters and shooter genre. If they have, and if players are willing to give it a try after the genre burned them down beforehand, their game really does have a shot in the big leagues.

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