Thor is more than the god of thunder in a stunning new origin

Marvel Comics just revealed shocking new details about Thor’s origin and connection to the Phoenix that make him more than just the God of Thunder.

Warning! Spoilers for Avengers # 43 below.

Marvel Comics goes on to hint that Thor The original origin is not what it seems and that the God of Thunder is not only that, but he is also the son of fire, as the Phoenix tells him that he is his son. In Avengers # 43, the Pheonix tells Thor, surprised and dismissive, that she is his real mother and that his previous origin is a lie.

In the stream Avengers With a bow from Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, David Curiel, and Cory Petit, the Phoenix came to Earth in search of a new host of his tremendous cosmic powers. The Phoenix gathered a group of heroes and villains to enter a competition to fight each other, and the winner will be the host of the Phoenix Force. While the competition has showcased some truly fierce and epic battles, Phoenix has just revealed his true intentions to come to Earth, to speak the truth about Thor’s ancestry.

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As the competition continues, Thor comes face to face with the Phoenix. She tells him that not only does he have the blood of the gods flowing through his veins, but that he is the Phoenix Son. Thor angrily says that Gea is his biological mother, to which the Phoenix replies that it was all a lie from Odin. Thor is told that not only would he not exist if it weren’t for the Phoenix, but he is actually the son of fire and thunder.

Angry and upset, Thor tries to attack the Phoenix, but the powerful entity keeps telling him that he is her son and that the real reason she is on Earth is to finally reveal the truth of her origin. Phoenix’s current host extends her arms and tries to convince Thor to join her and “feel the fire of mother’s love.” Broken and confused, Thor nearly follows her, but Jane Foster rips him out of the sky before the Phoenix can grab him.

If what the Phoenix says is believed to be true, and there is reason to believe that is the case, Marvel is making a massive change to Thor’s origin. If he comes to accept that the Phoenix is ​​his mother, how will that change his relationship with his fellow Asgardians and Odin? Also, does this mean that he has more powers that have yet to be unlocked? After all, he may be the son of fire and thunder. It’s going to be fascinating to see if Phoenix is ​​telling the truth and what that means to Thor. It’s a bold narrative move that could have serious implications for the rest of the Marvel Universe. Avengers The number 43 is already in comic shops.

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