Thor: Loki’s last trick brought a Marvel universe to breaking point

The Ultimate Universe featured a much darker version of Loki than the charming Asgardian villain from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thanks in large part to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki has become one of the most recognizable characters in the Marvel Universe, as well as one of its most beloved. With his misadventures with Thor, the character’s more charming prankster nature has made him a more redeemable villain in the eyes of fans.

This is especially true for the Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who was finally redeemed at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. However, Ultimate Loki ended up being the most villainous version of the character to date.

The Loki of the Ultimate Marvel Universe is no simple trickster, with history to prove it. Unlike the Loki from the Marvel Universe and the MCU, this Loki is Odin’s biological son, not the adopted son. As said in 2010 Ultimate Thor # 1 by Jonathan Hickman, Carlos Pacheco, Dexter Vines and Edgar Delgado, was part of the Warriors Three with his half brothers Balder and Thor during a thousand year war with the Frost Giants. In times of peace, everything changed. His mother, now a prisoner of Odin, asked Loki to retrieve the Norn Stones. While stealing them, Loki killed his brother Balder. For his crime, Loki was banished from Asgard and took the mantle of another iconic Marvel villain.

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In 1939, Ultimate Loki disguised himself as Captain America’s villain, Baron Zemo, with the Helmut Zemo of this universe simply as one of Loki’s subordinates. Loki invaded Asgard with an army of ice giants and Nazis, killing Heimdall in the invasion and feeding his Nazi army his blood to increase their strength. Such extreme actions are unimaginable at the hands of the MCU Loki, but never Ultimate Loki.

His irredeemable acts don’t stop there. In the 2005 Ultimates 2 # 2 by Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, and Laura Martin, Ultimate Loki debuted while attempting to start World War III. He used an earlier Thor identity to turn the Ultimates against his half brother. He then went on to kill the Hawkeye family and indicted Captain America for his murder. All of this culminated in their invasion of America with the help of a multinational supergroup known as the Liberators.

The battle ended with a confrontation between Thor and a powerless Loki. The ultimate version of the god of mischief claimed that he was only jealous of Thor. Thor certainly showed him no mercy, summoning lightning that banished Loki back to Asgard, where he awaited Odin’s wrath.

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Loki escaped from Asgard, returning in Ultimate New Ultimates of Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho, with something much worse planned: the destruction of Earth, and planned for Thor to do it. In his attempts to get Thor to do his dirty work for him, Loki even killed Thor’s mortal girlfriend, Valkyrie. However, Hela brought Valkyrie back to life as a true Asgardian Valkyrie, giving her a chance to get revenge on Loki.

The Ultimate version of Loki may have some similarities to his more recognizable counterparts, but his actions are far more sinister. Ultimate Loki’s schematics have more in common with characters like the MCU’s Ultron and Thanos than they do with the character from the upcoming Disney + series.

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