Titans Season 3 Dark Locations Tease BTS Pictures

The latest behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming season 3 of HBO Max’s Titans shows off some sinister-looking locations for the next batch of episodes.

The latest behind-the-scenes footage of Titans Season 3 shows the dark places that lie ahead. Once the show that started the original DC Universe streaming library, Titans will make the leap to HBO Max for its third season. The series is a new, darker take on Teen Titans, and while it struggled a bit to catch up with its groove in the first two seasons, there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding season 3. Titans It was expected to return in 2020, but production was unable to start on time due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, fans have been forced to wait even longer. Titans season 3 to premiere.

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TitansThe previous season ended with the team defeating the great Deathstroke and setting the stage for future conflicts, including one with Robin Jason Todd (Curran Walters). Season 3 will see Jason adopt the vigilante Red Hood persona, something fans have long waited for. Additionally, several figures from the Batman lore will arrive, including Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch) and Scarecrow. Finally, Starfire’s (Anna Diop) villainous sister Blackfire (Damaris Lewis) landed on Earth at the end of Titans season 2 and is guaranteed to cause trouble in the next few episodes.

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With so much hope on the horizon Titans Fans are eagerly looking for any kind of tease they can get their hands on. The last look behind the scenes comes from the director and cinematographer. Boris Mojsovski, who shared the results of the most recent location search trip. The two shared images tease haunting locations, one of which looks like an abandoned laboratory. Both seem to be excellent set pieces for Titans, and they make one wonder what kind of scenes could take place there. Check them out below.

As production has continued, fans have been able to enjoy various behind-the-scenes looks. Titans season 3, as a photo with Alan Ritchson (Hawk) and newcomer Jay Lycurgo, who will play the comic book character Tim Drake. All of the bonus content from BTS has helped fill the wait between seasons, which has now spanned over a year. It remains to be seen when Titans Season 3 will premiere, but since filming is still ongoing, it may not arrive until later this year.

With the darkest locations, it seems Titans Season 3 will continue with his bravest version of the team and he might even venture into suspenseful territory. Thanks to the additions of comic book characters like Red Hood, Barbara Gordon, and Tim Drake, fans already have high expectations. The first teasers for season 3 have been promising so far, but only time will tell. Titans It may live up to expectations.

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Source: Boris Mojsovski/ Instagram

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