Twitter Spaces launches on Android before Clubhouse

Twitter Spaces is growing rapidly as a suitable alternative to Clubhouse. After being exclusive to iOS since its launch, it is now available for Android.

Twitter spaces finally escapes its exclusivity to iOS and reaches Android before Clubhouse. Twitter’s group voice chat platform has been around as an iOS exclusive feature since its debut in December 2020, but after a few months of testing, the social media platform is ready to bring Twitter Spaces to more people. This is something that Android users have been waiting patiently for during the beginning of this year.

Twitter Spaces was created in direct response to the Clubhouse boom, giving people on the app a way to join public voice chats and listen to all kinds of conversations. It’s like a live podcast with a real audience, where the person who runs a Twitter space can give certain people permission to speak for themselves and join the conversation in question. Especially in a world where everyone continues to practice social distancing and stays at home, tools like Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse have proven to be great ways to stay connected with others.

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Twitter recently made the announcement about the arrival of Twitter Spaces to Android. However, there is one big problem for Twitter Spaces on Android at the moment, and that is that Android users can only join and speak on Spaces. There is currently no way to create a space through the Android application, although Twitter says it is yet to come. “early. “While it would be great to have a more specific timeline as to when Android users can expect this change, that is as specific as Twitter is being at the moment.

How to use Twitter spaces on Android

As for what the launch of Twitter Spaces looks like on Android, it’s basically the same experience that iOS users have had since December. Live slots for accounts someone is following are displayed at the top of the Twitter app next to Fleets, indicated by a purple border and profile icons for who is hosting the slot. Just tap to join a Twitter space, sit back and hear what’s going on. Users see a list of everyone who is listening, along with an option to request that the host give them access to become a speaker.

Even with the current creation of space limitation in mind, the launch of Android is good news for Twitter users. The clubhouse has confirmed which also has an Android app in development, but the company has yet to offer an ETA on when it will launch, this is a huge win for Twitter to start capturing an audience on the world’s most widely used mobile operating system.

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