Valheim developer denies rumor that birds fly away with ships

Developer Iron Gate Studios denies an interesting rumor about Valheim’s boat-stealing birds, ending a potentially amusing mystery.

The rumor surrounding Valheim The birds that steal ships and sail them through the sky have been officially shot down by developer Iron Gate Studios. Valheim, which takes place in the tenth Nordic world that shares the name of the game, allows players to take on the role of a Viking who must bring order to the chaotic land.

Valheim is a survival game with open-world sandbox elements, including the ability to craft, build structures, and more. The depth of its gameplay has made it a standout hit in early 2021 despite its Early Access status, and the indie game has consistently been on Steam’s bestseller list since its initial surge in popularity thanks to which was chosen by the content creators. However, despite its success, the game’s Early Access status has meant many bugs, including one that saw players witness ships sailing through the sky in Valheim. Early theories speculated that this problem was caused by a bug in coding that allows birds to steal ships from players.

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Unfortunately, that potentially hilarious part of Valheim Lore has been taken down by a trusted source – the game’s developer. Iron Gate Studios responded to a query from Pc gamer about Valheim birds stealing boats and confirmed that this was not the cause, stating “we have had some inquiries about this. No i’m afraid it’s not real. “However, the developer did not provide any explanation as to why the glitch is happening, so all that has really been clarified is that birds are not the cause of these boats being piloted above the waves.

sailboat valheim

As fans continue to try to inquire as to why Valheim The rumor of birds stealing ships started in the first place, it’s a reminder that some glitches in games like this take on a life of their own and become a source of community lore and inside jokes. While the rumor itself turned out to be false, many early adopters of the game will remember it anyway, and these kinds of humorous urban legends often remain deeply ingrained in the culture of an online game for months or years afterward. being reported, regardless of the veracity of those rumors.

With Valheim Still getting its sea legs as an indie favorite and the latest Steam title to attract the interest of content creators, these types of events are net positives. Whatever the actual mistake you caused Valheim The rumor of birds stealing ships to persist, has already contributed to a fun moment for an already memorable game, and community discussion remains an important part of why. ValheimThe scope continues to expand after weeks in the spotlight.

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Source: Pc gamer

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