‘Voyagers’ trailer embarks on chaotic space mission with Lily-Rose Depp and Colin Farrell

Lionsgate has released the first trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Voyager. The film is set thirty years in the future and follows a team of thirty travelers on a space mission to find a new home under the command of Richard Alling. Directed by Neil Burger, the film stars Colin Farrell, Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Depp, Fionn Whitehead, and Isaac Hempstead Wright.

The trailer features the characters consuming a substance called “blue,” a dose necessary for possible experimentation. What follows is a sharp turn in the trailer as the travelers become chaotic and rebellious to rules, protocols, and eventually turn against each other. The trailer imposes images of animals between sequences, specifically of a zebra being chased by a lion. The characters themselves begin to show animal instincts and appear to have no emotion at one point.

The movie may appear to address the destructive nature of humans. It is set in the future, where humans are forced to search for a new home in deep space. The trailer presents some sequences of demolitions, explosions and possibly wars; indicating that humans have destroyed the planet due to years of destruction, resource exploitation, and total disregard for nature. But what if humans have no desire to change? The official synopsis of Voyager says the following.

“With the future of the human race at stake, a group of young men and women, raised for intelligence and obedience, embark on an expedition to colonize a distant planet. But when they discover disturbing secrets about the mission, they challenge their training. and they begin to explore their more primitive natures. As life on the ship descends into chaos, they are consumed by fear, lust, and an insatiable hunger for power. “

The movie will likely explore deeply dark human tendencies and their hunger and greed for more. The space mission would find the characters fighting for their insatiable desires, leading to anarchy and chaos, just as they had on their home planet.

director Neil Burger has previously explored such concepts with his characters in films such as Unlimited, The ilusionist, Y Divergent. The protagonists of all these films were disoriented and confused, and they try to unravel the truth by dangerous means. He has a knack for creating messy characters, and he always explores them and their primal instincts in hectic and frantic settings.

Traveler It was originally scheduled to launch in November 2020; however, the pandemic prompted producers to change the release date to April 9, 2021. Movie stars Colin farrell, Tye sheridan, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, Fionn Whitehead, Isaac Hempstead Wright among others. The trailer doesn’t reveal much and most of it is left to speculation, the movie looks maddening and exhilarating.



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