WandaVision: 5 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Wiccan (& 5 About Speed)

As Billy & Tommy / Wiccan & Speed ​​(possibly) prepare to become the next generation of the MCU, let’s delve into their comic history.

WandaVision is almost nearing completion and fans can’t wait to see how the show ends and shapes other aspects of the MCU, including the future of Wanda and Vision’s children Tommy and Billy, assuming they actually exist outside of the hex.

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In the comics, these children become founding members of the Young Avengers under their superhero names Wiccan and Speed. These are wildly popular characters that fans have been itching to see for a while, and hopefully when the dust settles after the WandaVision final these two future heroes are still around.

10 Wiccan: future sorcerer supreme

Comics love to explore what the future will look like and how the characters will evolve in that future. One of those situations is what the future holds for Billy. Wiccan is an incredibly powerful sorcerer and because of that, he is destined to be the next Supreme Sorcerer in the Marvel universe. He is the successor to Doctor Strange and is the perfect path for the character to follow.

9 Speed: Former Prison Inmate

When Tommy was learning to control his abilities, he accidentally blew up some things and got him in trouble with the law. The Young Avengers first encountered him when he was incarcerated in a juvenile prison. The team got him out of jail and he quickly realized that he and Billy looked almost identical, and it was later revealed that they were twins.

8 Wiccan: used to be called Asgardian

When Billy first got into the superhero game, he had a very different codename: Asgardian. Although not from Asgard, Billy wielded powers of enlightenment, thus assuming he had a connection to Thor. All of the Young Avengers had been told that they were recruited due to their connection to the Avengers, so the powers of enlightenment made the Asgardian name an obvious choice.

7 Speed: more powers than superspeed


While his name obviously highlights his core power, Tommy is capable of more than just running fast. One of his other main abilities is the manipulation of molecules. This allows you to affect objects at their molecular level, allowing you to blow up objects just by affecting their cells. It also has resistance to friction and can survive on reduced oxygen.

6 Wiccan: married to the Hulkling

Since his first appearance, Wiccan has been in a relationship with another Young Avenger named Theodore Altman, also known as the Hulkling.

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The two finally tied the knot in 2020 with the crossover event “Empyre. ” These two heroes have had a long and happy relationship and fans were delighted to see Wiccan and Hulkling finally married.

5 Speed: Angry Childhood


Tommy was in and out of detention centers for most of his childhood. His adoptive parents divorced when he was young and it went downhill for Speed. He accidentally destroyed a school when he was first developing his powers and this landed him in prison and being tested. As usual, they wanted to turn a super powerful being into a living weapon, but thankfully the Young Avengers saved him before that could happen.

4 Wiccan: part of various teams

Strikeforce feature

While Speed ​​tends to be a somewhat sporadic presence in the comics and hasn’t had much of a fallout lately, Wiccan has been pretty active since he became a superhero. He is part of several different groups besides the Young Avengers. He has partnered with the Guardians of the Galaxy and is currently working with the other members of Strikeforce. Wiccan is extremely powerful and a valuable asset to any Marvel team.

3 Speed: went in search of his mother

After a while, Tommy and Billy went in search of their biological mother, Wanda, wanting to finally meet her. Tommy eventually found her in Latveria, about to marry their leader, Doctor Doom. She had lost her memories, but they helped her out of it and were finally able to reunite with her mother. It was a beautiful moment for comic book fans.

two Wiccan: Teleportation Skills

Wicca Billy Kaplan

Wiccan is among some of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel universe. In addition to his ability to summon lights and harness chaos magic like his mother, he can teleport himself and others around the world. It can also open portals to other places in the galaxy and to different dimensions. On top of all that, it can warp reality and create matter out of air.

1 Speed: unlucky in love

Unlike his brother, Tommy has had no luck in the dating department. She had a relationship sometimes with the hero, sometimes with the villainous Coat of Arms (aka Lisa Molinari) whom she had met while in the juvenile detention center. He also had an on-off relationship with Kate Bishop, including a date where Hawkeye’s bow was stolen.

However, things could be turning for him as it has recently been shown that he could be getting into a relationship with the mutant Prodigy.

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