WandaVision director debunks secret episode 10 theory

EXCLUSIVE: WandaVision director Matt Shakman debunks theories that the MCU’s first streaming series has a secret tenth episode up its sleeve.

WandaVision Director Matt Shakman debunked theories that Marvel’s first streaming series has a 10th episode up its sleeve. The Elizabeth Olsen-directed series is gearing up to wrap up its nine-episode run on Disney + this Friday and the finale will have a lot of ground to cover in its nearly one-hour run time. It’s also supposed to start laying the foundation for what’s to come in the MCU’s Multiverse arc.

Throughout his career, WandaVision has successfully balanced an exploration of Wanda’s grief with her recovery as Scarlet Witch and the finale is set to put a cap on all of that before her appearance on Strange doctor in the multiverse of madness. Wanda will have to face Agatha Harkness to save twins Billy and Tommy before the family faces an enemy they have not yet met: White Vision. On top of all that WandaVision you will have to configure the future of Phase 4.

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It may seem like WandaVision He almost has too much on his plate to cover in one episode, leading fans to think that the series is planning a secret tenth episode to end all the loose ends, but Shakman told him MR that is not the case. The director reveals that he had not yet heard the theory of a 10th secret episode, but continues to joke that if there is one, he has no idea who would have directed it. Shakman says there is a Making of WandaVision special coming, but that will conclude the show this Friday.

Every Thursday, I feel like my feed is full of so many WandaVision fan theory. One that I ran into recently, was there a chance there might be a secret tenth episode? Have you heard this theory?

Matt Shakman: No, I have not heard this theory. Do not.

We know WandaVision it is super meta with everything it does. But is there a possibility that there is a hidden tenth episode of the series?

Matt Shakman: God, I wonder who would have directed it. But we’ll see. I know there was an episode of Making Of the following week, so there is some ongoing WandaVision in the world of Disney + the following week. But we are ending our program.

WandaVision Episode 8 Wanda and Vision

This will likely disappoint some fans, especially those who were hoping another villain would make their presence known before the end of WandaVision. Many posited that Mephisto or Nightmare were hiding in the shadows of Westview and that a secret tenth episode would follow a cliff hanger revealing that they were pulling strings the entire time. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, especially with Agatha and White Vision positioned as the series’ main antagonists.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Mephisto or Nightmare won’t appear in future Marvel entries. Some of the Easter eggs planted throughout the series certainly seem to hint at a diabolical presence entering the MCU, but those could be laying the groundwork for a reveal in the future. Despite the disappointment that WandaVision It won’t be ten episodes long, the series has accomplished a truly impressive feat in how it has broken the MCU mold and created a unique streaming experience that Marvel fans have not seen before. Fortunately, Wanda’s story is not over either, although there are no plans for a WandaVision season 2 at this point, Scarlet Witch will feature prominently in the Strange doctor continuation.

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