WandaVision director likes (and debunks) Reed Richards’ cameo theory

WandaVision director Matt Shakman says he thinks it would have been great if the new Reed Richards had a cameo, but debunks the theories.

WandaVision Director Matt Shakman says he thinks it would have been great if the new Reed Richards had a cameo on the show, but he debunks the theories. With Marvel Studios meeting with writers for their Fantastic four film, the characters are confirmed to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But how and when they will appear remains uncertain. It is unknown if they will appear in an upcoming movie or if Marvel will wait until their solo film to reveal them. Many viewers expected to see at least one of them in WandaVision.

Theories began to fly after Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) mentioned a fellow aerospace engineer in episode 5 of WandaVision. Viewers wondered if the engineer could be the MCU’s version of Reed Richards and set out to try to figure out if he would appear. Sadly for viewers, the engineer turned out to be Major Goodner, a character not hailing from the established universe or from the comics. However, theorists still hoped that WandaVision could introduce Reed, or one of the other members of the Fantastic four, before the season ends, but that has not happened. And now, with one episode remaining, it doesn’t seem like it will happen.

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However, that hasn’t stopped people from asking. In an extensive interview, Shakman says ComicBook Reed Richards as the aerospace engineer who appeared in the rover was a “fairly good“theory, but it discredits the idea that Reed will appear at all. When asked specifically about his WandaVision theory, Shakman said:

No, I mean, certainly the amount of passion around the aerospace engineer was certainly quite large. I mean, sure, it would have been great if Reed Richards had shown up with that rover, that would have been pretty cool.


The news will be a blow to those who still have hope that someone like John Krasinski will make fan art come true and appear as Reed Richards in WandaVision. Shakman’s comments imply that won’t happen, though of course it could all be misdirection hiding a big reveal in the finale. The odds of that are low, but not zero, and chances are high that Marvel is hiding the cameo to prevent it from leaking, in the same way that casting Evan Peters as Quicksilver did in 2020.

However, more realistically, WandaVision he just doesn’t seem to have time to present The Fantastic Four with only one episode to go. The show has yet to wrap up a number of mysteries, including what happened to Vision’s body, as well as where Peters’s version of Quicksilver came from, and it would likely be overloading the episode to introduce another twist. But with Marvel, nothing is out of the question.

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Source: ComicBook.com

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