WandaVision Makes West Coast Avengers Trouble Prices Soar

Recent developments at WandaVision have sent prices for the West Coast Avengers the series is based on skyrocketing in the market from previous editions.

Throughout WandaVision, one of the main influences on the television series has been John Byrne’s relatively brief run in Avengers of the west coast/Avengers West Coast running, a race that later directly influenced two of the other major works that inspired WandaVision, Avengers Disassembled by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch and Bendis and Olivier Coipel House of M. Now, those connections are leading to a sharp spike in the aftermarket of Byrne’s career back numbers.

The biggest beneficiary has been West Coast Avengers # 45, the introduction of White Vision, which had been rising in value as WandaVision debuted and then took a sharp jump in price when White Vision debuted on WandaVision.

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John Byrne joined West Coast Avengers as the new writer / artist with West Coast Avengers # 42 (Midway through his career, Byrne successfully petitioned Marvel to rename the Avengers West Coast book so that it would be placed on the shelves of comics alongside the main Avengers comic) and its initial story was called “VisionQuest”, as Scarlet Witch discovers that Vision has been kidnapped.

The Avengers search for their missing teammate and are shocked to discover that the governments of the world had formed an alliance to disarm Vision for fear that it would be too dangerous to leave him walking without their intervention. So Vision was disassembled, much to Scarlet Witch’s surprise.

Hank Pym tried his best to put the Vision back together, but the end result was that the Vision became a pale version of his former appearance, now without his emotional connection to his wife.

Those same basic plots are being addressed in WandaVision, with SWORD refusing to hand over Wanda Vision’s body when she returned from being “broken” by Thanos. At the end of the last episode of WandaVision, we find out that the Vision that has been part of the series so far was created by Wanda with her powers and that the real Vision has been reassembled and is now pale, just like in the comics.

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As soon as that episode aired, Avengers of the west coast # 45 jumped in price on eBay. That now typically sold for $ 60- $ 90 after selling for mid $ 20 in the weeks leading up to the last episode of WandaVision. Compare it to last year, when the same issue was posted. selling for $ 6.

A 9.8-rated copy of Avengers of the west coast # Four. Five recently sold for almost $ 1,500. These sales show the continued power of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to drive the price of previous issues, something that has been going on for years.

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