WandaVision Theory: Evan Peters’ Quicksilver Is Secretly A Marvel Wizard

Evan Peters isn’t playing the MCU’s Quicksilver in WandaVision, but could it be secretly Modred the Mystic, Chthon’s agent?

WandaVision has featured Evan Peters, apparently playing Quicksilver, but his character could actually be a mystical Marvel villain named Modred the Mystic. Fans were thrilled when WandaVision featured Evan Peters, seemingly reprising the role of Quicksilver he played in Fox’s X-Men movies. As maligned as Fox’s X-Men movies may be, Quicksilver was generally considered one of the strongest elements. Peters’s appearance raised the possibility of a multiversal storyline that intertwined the MCU with another Marvel franchise.

By now, of course, it’s pretty clear that this was a red herring. According to Agatha Harkness, the recast version of Quicksilver was simply a way to play with Wanda’s mind, disrupting the “Happily Ever After” world that Scarlet Witch had built. Director Matt Shakman has recently admitted WandaVisionThe ending will disappoint some fans, simply because the theories mainly focused on the overall narrative of the MCU rather than the story of WandaVision himself – will fade away. Certainly one of these is popular belief. WandaVision will introduce mutants into the MCU.

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Regardless, though, that doesn’t necessarily mean Evan Peters is just some guy Agatha Harkness has given superspeed to. Quicksilver has a role to play in WandaVisioIn the end, it might reveal that “Quicksilver” is actually a villain in his own right.

“Quicksilver” could be modified the mystic

Mordred the Mystic Mercury

WandaVision he has delighted in subverting comic book costumes. A delightful episode of Halloween saw all the main characters – Wanda, Vision, Billy, Tommy, and even Pietro himself – in quirky outfits inspired by the ones their characters wear in the comics. Most viewers assumed this would be the closest we got to accurate comic book iterations of all of these heroes, and then on WandaVision Episode 8, they were granted a vision of Wanda wearing the Scarlet Witch costume. This show really likes to play with expectations.

All of that makes a scene in WandaVision episode 7 even more intriguing. In a post-credits scene, Quicksilver ambushed Monica Rambeau and told her: “Snoopers are going to snoop.Interestingly, Pietro had ditched the clothes he wore when he was with the Maximoff family in favor of a new look. He now wore clothes reminiscent of a Marvel supervillain named Mordred the Mystic, with a raised hood and a reddish t-shirt. It could be just a match, matches WandaVisionPrevious propensity to play in superhero costumes.

Who is Modred the Mystic?

Mordred Darkhold

Like Agatha Harkness, Mordred the Mystic is an ancient sorcerer, except in his case, which comes from the days of King Arthur and Camelot. It originally lived in the 6th century, and its mystical potential was even perceived by Merlin himself. Unfortunately, Modred decided not to become Merlin’s apprentice, but instead became fascinated by a forbidden book of dark magic called Darkhold. This connection to the Darkhold left Modred vulnerable to the ancient god named Chthon, who had created the Darkhold as a way to continue to exert his influence on Earth. Risen in modern times, Modred became Chthon’s pawn as the extradimensional entity sought to open a hole in the fabric of reality in order to return to this world and conquer it.

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Modred has been one of Chthon’s most notable agents, and in Dan Slott Mighty avengers running, he successfully blazed a path for his master to finally return to Earth. Interestingly, he accomplished this in a bizarre body swap story involving Quicksilver, with the super-speedy Avenger unknowingly playing into Modred’s hands. This clearly sets a precedent for the identity confusion between Quicksilver and Modred, a precedent WandaVision it could be exploding.

Modred is linked to the magic of chaos

WandaVision Episode 8 Scarlet Witch In Mind Stone Eye Reflection

WandaVision you are already exploring Chthon related topics. According to Agatha Harkness, Wanda Maximoff wields the power of spontaneous creation, a rare form of magic that differs markedly from the sorcery of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, allowing Wanda to reshape reality and will. Agatha called this “Chaos Magic”, and that’s an important link to Chthon in the comics. There, Chaos Magic was the power of Chthon himself, and he infused it with Scarlet Witch as part of his plan to invade this plane of existence. Every time Scarlet Witch used her powers, she weakened the fabric of reality. In the end, Chthon had his agents take her to a nexus of dark magic where he sought to possess her. Fortunately, Chthon had underestimated the strength of Wanda’s humanity and was able to overcome her influence.

Modred was a powerful sorcerer in his own right, and in fact he was even considered a potential Sorcerer Supreme. But his encounter with Darkhold resulted in his powers taking a different direction, as he mastered the dark arts that would have otherwise been forgotten in the mists of time. What’s more, he can harness Chthon’s chaos magic himself, making him a formidable threat.

Predicting Modred’s role in the MCU

Marvel Comics Chthon

If Evan Peters is really playing Mordred the Mystic, then clearly his character is expected to play a major role in the future. The most likely scenario would be that he is an agent of Chthon, who has been lured to Westview to manipulate Wanda. Agatha Harkness truly believes that she is the one who has brought him into play, but Modred has always resisted the magic of others and consequently could have his own agenda. That agenda would presumably correspond to the comics themselves, where their objective has always been simple; to unleash Chthon.

The story of the Scarlet Witch will continue in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity, that he might as well see an Elder God unleashed upon Earth, that would certainly explain the title. Thus, Modred could be Chthon’s agent on Earth, his pawn who manipulates Wanda into a position where it opens a tear in the fabric of reality. Therefore, while the Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic powers would be the cause of the “Multiverse of Madness”, Modred would be the one who activated it. In doing so, he would put the entire creation at risk, forcing Stephen Strange to step forward and prove himself as the new Sorcerer Supreme at last.

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