Who is Josephine Langford? Why do you recognize the Emma from Moxie

Moxie introduces a group of teenage girls looking to break free. Josephine Langford plays Emma, ​​and this is where you recognize the actress.

Moxie is a coming-of-age story with a feminist and punk rock twist, and features Josephine Langford, who is recognizable from various projects, as the character of Emma Johnson. Directed by comedy icon Amy Poehler, the film has just been released on Netflix and is poised to channel the music-infused and female-led vibes of the Riot Girrrl movement of the 1990s. Inspired by the struggling and dedicated youth to his mother’s social problems, Moxie follows Vivian (Hadley Robinson) and her high school classmates as she creates a “fanzine” (a self-published small-scale magazine), fighting the status quo of the school (and also of society), channeling the ferocity and pain that that has also been explored, albeit in a much darker way, in recent films like Promising young woman.

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The girls in the film trailer discuss their frustration with their male peers by classifying the female members of the school with titles such as “most bangable” and “best asses”, and getting away with this type of behavior. Emma from Langford is portrayed as a popular entertainer archetype who joins the zine. But this is not the first time Langford has appeared on screen, far from it, actually. The 23-year-old actress, who hails from Perth, Australia, has already appeared in a handful of movies and television series.

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She landed her first major role in the 2017 fantasy horror drama. Wish on. She played a minor role as high school bully Darcie Chapman, who bullies the main character, Claire, and her friends. The same year, she also had another role within the same genre, briefly playing Emma Webber on the Australian horror television show. Wolf Creek. Emma’s character was on vacation with her parents as part of a tour group in the Australian outback before being terrorized by a serial killer on the loose. And, in 2019, Langford made it to the big screen in what was possibly his biggest role to date: the teen romance drama. Then. She played Tessa Young, a relatively low-key and conservative college freshman who falls into a passionate affair with Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), a bad boy.

After the film Josephine Langford Hero Fiennes-Tiffin

In 2020, the two would star in the sequel together again After we collide. Then in 2019, Langford played Clair Singer on Hulu’s horror anthology series. In the dark. In Season 1, Episode 9, Clair, her sister, and her father go on a road trip following their mother’s death from cancer before encountering supernatural antagonists. And more recently, while not a visual medium, Langford has even been a recurring voice actor on the COVID-19 quarantine-inspired podcast. Day to day. Langford has a strong credit list for his age, but he’s not the only family member in the spotlight.

His sister, Katherine, who is a year older, has also been in notable productions. She played Hannah Baker, the character everyone orbits after her death, in the hugely popular Netflix teen drama. For thirteen reasons. She also played Meg Thrombey in the 2019 Rian Johnson murder mystery film. Knives out and Leah’s character in 2018’s new romance story / drama Love, simon. It even came close to being a part of the MCU, as it appeared in a deleted scene from Marvel’s 2019 blockbuster. Avengers Endgame. Although it was never released as part of the film, she played an earlier version of Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan. Most recently, he headlined Netflix’s big fantasy hit. Damned, playing Nimue in a twist on Arthurian legend. It’s clear that the Langford sisters have a penchant and a talent for acting. And, with the Netflix look MoxieIt looks like Josephine will become a rising star like Katherine.

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