Why Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’s Focus On Yuffie Is So Important

Yuffie will be getting some focused DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake that hint at the character’s enhanced involvement in the ongoing plot.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting story DLC in the form of Intergrade. Intergrade will focus on Yuffie, an extra character in the original Final Fantasy VIIand tell a story parallel to the events of Final Fantasy VII RemakeFirst part. The DLC spotlight on Yuffie undoubtedly means that he will be a major player in the future. FFVII‘s Redo timeline and you will finally get the development and focus you deserve.

As an optional member of the group, Yuffie had a tendency to disappear as the narrative grew larger in the original. FFVII. Although he has made frequent appearances in other FFVII titles, like Advent children Y Core of the crisis, she has never appeared as the main character before Intergrade.

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Yuffie is the youngest member of Cloud’s group of allies and is often characterized by her role as a “master thief” or ninja, in addition to her obsession with Materia. She is often portrayed as hot-headed and short-tempered, but ultimately she is a trusted friend to those who matter to her. Yuffie is the daughter of the Wutai leader, Godo Kisaragi, and seeks above all to return honor and glory to her homeland.

FFVII Intergrade Old Wutai

In the original Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie could join the party if a set of optional (and very specific) criteria is met. Because of this, she is not present during the final scene of the game and has almost no impact on the main plot. Although there was some content in Wutai focused on Yuffie, and later sources gave a reason for her disappearance after the final battle against Sephiroth, she was considered an extra character who was not essential to the story.

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Now, Intergrade hints that Yuffie’s role in Final Fantasy VII Remake it will be expanded to make her an important figure. As heir to Wutai’s legacy, Yuffie is in a position to bridge the gap between her nation and the rest of the world. FFVIIworld. The war with Wutai may have taken place years before. FFVII remake, but many characters still refer to the consequences of that conflict. There are even multiple attempts by Shinra to label AVALANCHE as a group working with Wutai to reignite the war.

Shinra conquered Wutai with the intention of installing a Mako reactor. Although the territory tried to defend its independence, they were outmatched by the SOLDIERS of Shinra. After losing the war, Wutai never became the site of another Mako reactor, instead it was transformed into a tourist attraction and lost a part of its pride. Yuffie seeks to restore the dignity of her homeland in the only way she knows how: by amassing a collection of Matter forbidden by Shinra and restoring her nation to its former glory.

Yuffie may not have been essential in the original. Final Fantasy VIIBut between his popularity with fans and his unique and complex backstory, he has absolutely earned his time in the limelight. Beyond IntergradeHope is high that Square Enix will spend more time showing Yuffie’s fascinating home and her struggle to make it what it once was.

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