Why Genshin Impact’s New Daily Log Rewards Are So Bad

After almost six months, the daily log rewards are now on Genshin Impact, but they are quite disappointing. So why are the new rewards so bad?

After almost six months, the daily log rewards have finally reached Genshin Impact. By logging into the HoYoLAB community forum every day, players can earn a number of rewards to use in the game. However, the rewards are ridiculously dire. Then why Genshin ImpactAre journaling rewards that bad?

Players have been asking for a login bonus for Genshin Impact for a long time, so the idea of ​​daily log rewards may seem tempting. However, the rewards do not come from logging into Genshin Impact. Instead, it comes from the developer’s community forum miHoYo, which is known as HoYoLAB. Because of this, players are not actually rewarded for playing, they are rewarded for logging into the forums. And, due to the way HoYoLAB accounts are set up and linked, it means that PS4 players are not eligible for the rewards.

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This may sound bad enough, but the rewards themselves are very disappointing; in fact, they are quite horrible. The EXP and Blackberry books can be helpful, but the amounts are ridiculously low. Items like meat (steak) and poultry (chicken thighs) are also rewards, but these items are available in-game. Primogems, which are the in-game currency used for gacha jerks, are a hot commodity. Genshin Impact has had a few free Primogems raffles and events in the past, and Primogems can be purchased as a login bonus at the end of each week. But it’s only 20 Primogems, which means players would have to sign up for months before having the 160 Primogems needed for a single Gacha-Pull Wish.

What are the Genshin Impact daily log bonuses

Genshin Impact 1-4 Upgrade Condensed Resin Cap

The rewards themselves are pretty horrible, even for a game of gacha. There is absolutely no reason for meat and poultry to be a reward, and the amounts of Primogems, EXP books, and other useful items are so low that they are almost useless. For a game like Genshin Impact, which has made hundreds of millions of dollars in just six months, the rewards seem like a slap in the face to many fans.

Apparently the reason the rewards are so bad is because miHoYo makes money from people buying premium currency and passes. With millions of Genshin Impact Players willing to spend real money on Primogems, it doesn’t make sense for myHoYo to give away too many for free. As long as the company continues to make such huge profits from players, it is unlikely to alter its reward system much. miHoYo won’t want to give away items that people are willing to pay for.

This is understandably frustrating for everyone who plays and enjoys the game, but it seems to be the most likely reason why Genshin ImpactThe rewards of daily check-in are terrible. miHoYo has a pretty good track record of listening to fan complaints, however if enough people disagree with that, maybe the reward system at Genshin Impact switch to.

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