Wolverine – A fan favorite weapon X Hero DOES NOT want his powers back

Wolverine tried to convince a former Weapon X graduate to come to Krakoa and regain his powers, but this mercenary was not interested.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wolverine # 10, by Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert, Frank Martin & VC’s Cory Petit, on sale now.

For most of the Marvel mutants, Krakoa has been a paradise, where they can live together, free from persecution. For mutants who lost their powers, it also represents an opportunity to regain what was taken from them. But how Glutton Number 10 shows that not all ancient mutants are eager to set foot on the shores of Krakoa.

Wolverine was sent undercover to Madripoor to investigate a robbery and ended in a bidding war for random superhuman paraphernalia. Although his mission was to investigate the robbery in Glutton # 10, the situation changed when he found one of his hands, from one of his old bodies, on sale. The other auction item was former Wolverine Team X partner Maverick who was brainwashed and ready to work with the highest bidder. When Logan’s cover was discovered, he had to find a way to get Maverick back so they could escape.

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Logan used an old trigger phrase that helped bring Maverick out of his daze, and a shot to the head made Maverick angry enough to feel like before. The two mutants escaped the bargain house and together quickly left Madipoor. Wolverine offered Maverick a house on Krakoa, one that the mutant firmly rejected.

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Maverick and Wolverine

Maverick made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the mutant island, and was surprised that it was something that Wolverine was so excited to be a part of.

The two talked about Maverick returning to Krakoa and going through the Crucible to regain all of his mutant powers. However, Maverick didn’t want any of that. He said that he still has the head and strength, and that he was not interested in going through the Crucible just to join Krakoa. From his point of view, he has no reason to believe that Krakoa is a family and he seemed surprised that Logan believes in what he is trying to sell. For a covert ops veteran like Maverick, he knows he shouldn’t trust anyone, especially a person like Professor X, who looks like a cult leader to anyone looking inward.

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Wolverine and Maverick

While Maverick has no reason to trust Professor X, Magneto, or anyone else sitting at the government table in Krakoa, he also has another reason why he might not be interested in regaining his powers anytime soon. In 1994 Glutton # 87 by Larry Hama, Adam Kubert, Mark Farmer, Dan Green, Tim Townsend, Joe Rubinstein, Marie Javins, and Pat Brosseau, Maverick revealed that he had contracted the Legacy virus and asked Wolverine to kill him to save him from pain. Logan refused. He eventually died, but was brought back to life by a mutant named Elena Ivanova, sent the virus into complete remission, and mutated his powers, leading to his own solo series in 1997 and an extended stint with Weapon X as Agent Zero.

After Maverick lost his powers during M-Day, he moved on with his life, continuing as a mercenary before forming the Mercs. Much of his experience as a mutant was dark and unsettling, from his days as a mercenary mutant to the Legacy virus and the M-Day event that stripped him of his powers. As Wolverine tried to convince him that reviving his powers through Krakoa’s resurrection program would make him stronger, Maverick seemed happy to live without his kinetic absorption powers. He seems content with using his brain and weapon power to achieve his goals, and from the look of things after his final meeting with Delores Ramirez, he may not be friends with the mutant nation of Krakoa.

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