X-Men: 10 Ways First Class is the best movie of the franchise

While Fox X Men The film franchise got off to a strong start, several of its entries were not particularly well received. It looked like the movies were going to continue to decline in quality until the one movie that breathed new life into the franchise. In 2011, X Men First generation was released, and it proved that it was perhaps the best movie in the entire franchise.

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While subsequent films have been based on and even tried to improve it since then, none of them have been able to beat First class. Even after a decade and several potential new contenders for the crown: Logan Y dead Pool in particular- there is still a strong case to be done that First class is the best The X-Men movie ever made, if not one of the best superhero movies of all time, period.

10 The emotional impact from the moment the movie began

Young Erik at the start of the first X-Men class

From the initial moments of First classIt was clear that the movie had a grip on the human side of the story and the emotional side of the X-Men that hadn’t been seen before in the franchise. Charles Xavier’s lonely childhood is sad enough, but Erik Lehnsherr’s devastating separation from his mother in a concentration camp is incredibly disturbing and brutal to witness.

This introduction to Charles and Erik’s characters, as well as their respective abilities, was not only unique, it grounded the characters in a way they never had been before. This injected heart into the franchise that previously seemed to be mostly lacking, especially beyond the second film (X2).

9 Magneto becomes a justified radical, a Nazi hunter and a friend

Charles Professor X saves Erik Magneto in X-Men First Class

After Erik experienced his horrible start in life, it came as no surprise that he became a Nazi hunter. He seeks revenge on those who worked in the concentration camps, legitimately seeking justice against those who committed atrocities when he was still a child. Watching Magneto’s revenge sequence is thrilling and emotional.

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Also, seeing his transition to a radicalized adult makes his career as Magneto more understandable. While spending years alone, Erik met Charles Xavier in his quest for revenge against Sebastian Shaw. When Charles told Erik that he was not alone and offered him a home, they began a relationship that would define them both for the rest of their lives.

8 The recruiting montage

First Class Logan

For Charles to protect the mutants and Erik to seek revenge, they join forces and decide to help the government form a special team of mutants. The movie shows them recruiting their team in a thrilling montage that shows not only some of the new mutants’ abilities, but also shows the growing relationship between Charles and Erik.

The first X-Men team was created by two people who later became rivals, but this friendship and bond runs deep, showing just how close they were before everything fell apart between them. Wolverine even makes a hilarious cameo during this recruiting montage as the cherry on top.

7 Shows the original formation of the X-Men from that universe

While there have been many iterations of the X-Men team over the years at Fox X Men films, First class introduced the first version of the equipment in that canon. After Charles and Erik met and decided to form the team, they immediately had a couple of new recruits. Charles’s adoptive sister, Raven Darkholme, joined them and Dr. Hank McCoy was part of the team from the beginning.

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While Charles and Erik were recruiting, they managed to add Angel Salvadore, Armando Muñoz, Alex Summers, and Sean Cassidy to the team. They all get their new superhero names too. This is the first time that Magneto and Professor X use their names, which gave them their first team.

6 The training montage

Charles Xavier and Sean Cassidy during the X-Men First Class training montage

After Charles and Erik recruited their new team and sadly lost Armando and Angel to Sebastian Shaw in the process, they needed to find a safe place to house and train the mutants. Charles and Raven took everyone to Xavier’s house.

While viewers know this will eventually become Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, at the time, it was just an empty mansion in New York. The training montage that takes place in the house is not only fun, it shows the young mutants growing up, independently and as a team.

5 Finding the balance between anger and serenity

Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr X-Men training together in first class

One of the most emotional scenes in the film takes place between Charles and Erik while they train at Charles’s mansion. Erik allows Charles to look into his mind; It is an emotional and devastating moment for both of them as Charles pushes his way through Erik’s anger and pain to find the sadness and ultimately the joy that lies beneath it all.

Together, they find the balance between anger and serenity. This is not only symbolically present within both of you, but you represent this same balance in your world through your actions.

4 The death of Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Shaw dies in the first X-Men class

When the X-Men first team finally hunts down Sebastian Shaw and immobilizes him in one place, Charles realizes that he will have to help Erik in order for Erik to achieve his goal. real target. He wants to kill Sebastian Shaw for what Shaw did to Erik and his mother, and Charles decides to help him.

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As a result, Charles uses his abilities to take control of Shaw’s mind and keep him frozen while Erik kills him. Charles feels that Shaw dies so that Erik receives his revenge. This is a difficult time for both of them and it would shape them just as much as the beach sequence that followed this death. However, this emotional moment is only better than other full-length movies in the franchise.

3 The crisis in Cuba (also known as divorce on the beach)

First Class Magneto and Charles

One of the best scenes in X-Men movie history took place at the climax of First class. When the humans shoot at the mutants on the beach in Cuba, Erik takes control of the missiles and decides that he wants to launch them again at the humans. Moira MacTaggert starts shooting at Erik to stop him.

However, while deflecting the bullets from himself, Erik accidentally hit Charles in the spine. He ran towards Charles, the missiles fell into the sea, and he rushed to get the bullet out, but the damage was done: Charles was paralyzed. Erik held Charles and the two decided to officially separate, much to their devastation. This emotional breakdown is also difficult for the characters and for the audience.

two Magneto reveals himself to be a new villain and Professor X starts his school

Professor X and Magneto side by side at the end of X-Men fist class

The end of First class revealed how Charles and Erik actually became Professor X and Magneto for the first time. For Charles, the movie showed him returning to his mansion with the intention of transforming it into a school for mutants. He removes the memories of Moira MacTaggert to protect the school, showing that he is still willing to be ruthless in pursuit of his goals.

Additionally, the movie showed Erik in his red and purple Magneto costume and helmet for the first time, breaking Emma Frost out of jail. He wants her to join his Brotherhood and call him by his new preferred name, Magneto. This is the final conclusion of the best X Men movie of all time, and it promised a lot for the future of the franchise.

1 Showing the full origin of the complicated relationship between Charles and Erik

Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr together in X-Men First Class

Above all, First class He stands out for the relationship he describes between Charles and Erik. The dynamic the two share makes the franchise even more powerful, both retroactively and following this movie. The two were closer than two people could be, so much so that their relationship, and their breakup, is what essentially feeds the rest of the people. X Men universe.

In fact, like the fox X Men universe came to an end in Dark fenix, The film’s post-credits scene saw Erik returning to Charles’s side and offering himself as a home for Charles once more, as Charles did when they first met, in First class.

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