X-Men: A Fan-Favorite Mutant Has His Eyes On A Marvel Movie Icon

The latest issue of X-Men hints at the beginning of a future romance between two mutants who were sent together on a special mission.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for X-Men # 18 by Jonathan Hickman, Mahmud Asrar, Sunny Gho, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, out now.

Since his appearance in the 2017 film Logan, the X-Man Laura Kinney has only gained popularity. As one of Marvel’s most badass mutants, she has always been in the limelight and although she has become the new Wolverine, she is better known as X-23. Now, he seems to have caught the attention of his teammate Synch.

In X Men # 18, the two accompany a third teammate, Darwin, as they infiltrate an isolated area of ​​the regular flow of time known as the Vault. Despite facing some of the mutants’ most dangerous foes, Synch’s narrative still carries a strong attraction to Laura.

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Honestly, it should come as no surprise that Synch has started to develop these romantic feelings. After all, people are often attracted to each other when they are in close proximity for long periods, and time moves differently in the Vault than it does in the real world. In issue 5, Professor Xavier tells Cyclops that the team that entered the Vault has been there for over three months in real world time, which he estimates is the equivalent of some five hundred and thirty years as experience time inside the Vault. Considering that they have literally spent centuries together, it seems only natural that a romance begins to blossom between them.

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At the beginning of the issue, the three mutants prepare to enter a city inhabited by the Sons of the Vault when X-23 looks back at Synch. She pauses, then asks what he’s looking at, popping her claws for effect. He smiles back, thinking about how good he feels right now. In fact, since the whole topic is narrated from Synch’s point of view, his personal feelings towards X-23 are intertwined throughout the narrative, such as when he talks about the importance of how things impact both the head and the head. in your heart as you watch her pass over. the villain Serafina. Later, when Synch nearly died, Laura immediately stands between him and his assailant while lending him her healing powers. Throughout the fight, they continue to take care of each other.

X-23 has historically been suspicious of relationships until recently. She was cloned from the original Wolverine and subjected to cruel medical experiments as part of a program similar to Weapon X. Later, she was brainwashed and forced to work as a child prostitute. All of this trauma made her distrustful of relationships, but she eventually developed feelings for the mutant Hellion, though she had a hard time admitting it to him. Years later, Laura began dating Angel, who helped comfort and support her, showing small signs of intimacy that she really appreciated.

Synch has a reputation for finding its way into one-sided relationships. Jubilee once professed her romantic interest in him, but he did not reciprocate, and had the reversal of this with the mutant Gaia. For a long time, he harbored his own secret affection for Monet St. Croix and the two began a relationship that lasted until he was assassinated. This is particularly noteworthy as Monet was also in a complicated love triangle involving Darwin, who is currently traveling with Laura and Synch.

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The X-Men stories have always explored different relationship dynamics. Ever since writer Jonathan Hickman began his career on X-Men titles, the mutant nation of Krakoa has literally enshrined “making more mutants” in their laws. Still, X-23 and Synch would seem to be a particularly odd couple.

Both characters are outsiders in their own way. They are both naturally skilled trackers too, and Laura has Logan’s enhanced senses, while Synch can track auras in addition to his ability to emulate the powers of others. They have also found new opportunities for happiness in Krakoa. However, their personalities are quite different and it seems likely that their feelings are the result of being so close for so long. Each time they escape the Vault, they may part ways, unless their shared experiences are what hold them together.

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