X-Men: Demon Days gives Wolverine, Hulk, and Psylocke the ultimate ancestral gear

The Japanese folklore-inspired world of Demon Days just gave three great Marvel heroes their own mini-war against Venom.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Demon Days: X-Men # 1 by VC’s Peach Momoko, Zack Davisson and Ariana Maher, on sale now

Days of the devil imagine a version of the Marvel Universe that is steeped in ancient Japanese mythology and folklore. So far, the Psylocke of this reality, known as Sai, has proven to be an impressive warrior in her own right, even taking down this world’s Juggernaut with relative ease alongside her faithful companion Logan.

But their most recent battle, against a massive and monstrous version of Venom appearing in snake form and form, forces the pair to work alongside the Hulk incarnation in this world, here reimagined as an Oni.

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While exploring Japan from their reality, including the Kirisaki Mountain Pass, Sai and Logan end up helping others across the kingdom. The Kirisaki Mountian turns out to be the home of a small town that still faces the huge and monstrous Hulkmaru, an Oni (mythological giant) who lives in the nearby mountains and has become angry with the way the townspeople have invaded their lands. . He has been moving around town to steal food, causing conflicts with the townspeople. But it turns out that they need Hulkmaru’s help to deal with the return of the dangerous demonic serpent known as Orochi, and this one specifically will come to be known to the villagers as Venom.

After speaking with a local mystic, Sai is sent to venture into the mountains to recruit Hulkmaru. After a brief battle, she is able to convince him to help fight Venom in exchange for the village promising to respect her lands in the future. Despite his abilities, his impressive fighting prowess, and even working alongside the villagers against Venom, Sai, Logan, and Hulkmaru they don’t have it easy. Logan even ends up injured, losing one of his eyes to the conflict but refusing to walk away from the fight. Hulkmaru is finally a force powerful enough to hold Venom’s symbiote at bay long enough for Sai to cut through the creature and the local mystics to contain the demonic force. In the end, this mystical version of Venom dissipates and disappears in a puff of smoke.

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It is a great victory for the villagers and also for Hulkmaru, as the villagers vowed to respect the giant and their lands in the future. The myths of this reality grow about the battle, suggesting that it became an important factor in the lives of the villagers in that area. It’s a fun three-pronged team for the versions of the heroes of this world as they find a way to overcome a Venom that comes from the same kind of magical story as Hulkmaru. There are indications that at least one of them is still alive today, with a dog that appears to be Logan resting in the nearby woods.

Across the Marvel multiverse, versions of these heroes were powerful enough to take down a genuinely monstrous version of Venom. And while there are still mysteries within this reality, like the true role of the Black Widow, it’s comforting to know that heroes like Sai, Logan, and Hulkmaru can still protect her from the darkest corners of the world.

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