Y: The Last Man Show First Look Video Revealed In FX Trailer

FX has revealed new footage of Y: The Last Man in a new FX promo video on Hulu. Includes looks at Lane and Thirlby characters.

FX has released new promotional images for Y: the last man, indicating that the program is finally making active progress. Based on the eponymous comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra that released 10 volumes during its six-year publication period between 2002 and 2008, Y: the last man follows its titular hero, Yorick, as he, along with his pet monkey, emerges as the sole survivor of a cataclysmic androcide that wipes out every cisgender male mammal in existence. On the show, Yorick must adjust to the struggles of his new life, as he strives to restore what was lost and create a better world.

Y: the last man it has arguably endured a long and volatile period in development hell. FX first scouted the series in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2018 that a pilot was ordered for the show. In 2019, FX delivered a serial order to Y: the last man, with Aïda Mashaka Croal and Michael Green attached as showrunners. But shortly after the show got the green light, Green and Croal left the project citing creative differences. Eliza Clark was then hired as the new showrunner. But the problems for the program were far from over. In February 2020, the show ran into trouble once again after its original leader, Barry Keoghan, left the show. Ben Schnetzer was then quickly introduced as his replacement, and it finally seemed as if the show had put all the pieces of the puzzle together. However, in March, Covid-19 appeared, forcing the show to pause production until 2021. Now, the show is back on track and has even offered a sneak peek of fans to come.

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FX released a video promoting its FX on Hulu initiative, and included short footage from Y: the last man. Although the ad was quickly cut within a few seconds, it offered a glimpse into the apocalyptic event that sets up the series. Bombs fell, planes crashed, and dead men fell in the streets. The footage also showed Yorick’s mother and Congresswoman Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane) running to safety. Yorick’s sister, Hero Brown (Olivia Thirlby), also appeared in the clip. She was horrified, not knowing what to do next. See the first glimpse of Y: the last man after the: 24 second mark in the video below.


However, there were several characters not shown in the teaser, including Agent 355 (Ashley Romans), Dr. Allison Mann (Diana Bang), Beth DeVille (Juliana Canfield), Nora Brady (Marin Ireland), Kimberly Cunningham ( Amber Tamblyn), Sam Jordan (Elliot Fletcher) and the President of the United States (Paul Gross). Another thing to keep in mind, obtained from the video, is that although Y: the last man Initially commissioned for FX’s linear cable network, the show moved to FX on Hulu, a dedicated broadcast hub for FX Networks, in June 2020. Interestingly enough Y: the last man, It is not the only offer of the service, since it also includes Ryan Murphy’s AHS cleave American horror stories and Taika Waititi Reserve dogs on your list of upcoming shows.

Though brief, the new footage is hopeful proof that, after being in development for several years, Y: the last man he’s finally getting ready to see the light of day. The quick cutscenes from the video also show that the adaptation is bringing its plot closer to its comic origins. The characterization of Diane de Lane and Brown of Thirlby is quite authentic, as is the program’s description of the momentous event that sets the narrative in motion. Hopefully, fans and viewers will find more information about the show in the coming days. After years of anticipation, Y: the last man It’s finally unveiled its first look, so it’s safe to say the day is not far off when fans will get a premiere date for the show as well.

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Source: FX on Hulu

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