Yu-Gi-Oh! Ten times the rules just didn’t matter

Trading card games have always been popular because they are based on luck and strategy, and in 1999, the Yu-Gi-Oh! The trading card game officially launched in Japan. The card game was quite popular in Japan, but did not achieve true worldwide notoriety until the release of the anime series, and that series spawned multiple sequels, movies, and video games.

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To play the trading card game properly, a person needs to have a decent understanding of the rules, and for the most part, anime does a good job of adhering to those rules. Unfortunately, the anime has ignored the rules on more than one occasion, and it did so by giving the cards different effects or creating absurd victory conditions.

10 Catapult Turtle can’t actually shoot monsters at opposing players

The duel between Yugi and Panic is just one of the battles that managed to defy all logic, and that’s because Yugi managed to win when he used his Catapult Turtle to launch his Gaia the Dragon Champion at Panic’s Castle of Dark Illusions.

When this happened, the Castle’s float ring was destroyed, causing the Castle to fall to the ground, an act that destroyed the rest of Panic’s monsters. However, Catapult Turtle does not have this ability. Its actual effect allows the user to tribute to a monster and then half of that monster’s ATK points are deducted from the opponent’s life points.

9 Destroying the moon is not a real strategy and monsters cannot be hidden by the terrain

Yugi managed to win quite a few duels thanks to the heart of the cards, but he used a much more creative method to defeat Mako Tsunami. This duel took place on a battlefield that was submerged in water, and Mako was able to summon his aquatic creatures underwater, where they remained hidden from Yugi’s view even though they were face up.

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Monsters can’t be hidden from view, especially when turned face up, but that’s not even the worst aspect of this rule-defying duel. Yugi ordered his Giant Stone Soldier to attack the moon, causing the water to recede, leaving Mako’s monsters weakened and vulnerable. This cannot happen.

8 Every time a powerful monster was summoned without any sacrifice

Seto Kaiba likes to use certain cards more than others, and in the first episode of the anime, he summoned his three precious blue-eyed white dragons. The problem with this is the fact that he summoned each of them to the field immediately when the rules dictate that he needed to tribute two monsters to summon each dragon.

However, this is not an exclusive Kaiba trait, as all of the duelists at the beginning of the series were summoning high-level monsters without sacrificing any monsters. In this way, powerful monsters like Dark Magician and Red-Eyes Black Dragon were also immediately summoned.

7 The maze wall and the wall shadow mechanics are not real

Like many anime characters, Yugi doesn’t believe in giving up, so he was able to overcome Paradox Brother’s illegal use of Labyrinth Wall and Wall Shadow. The duel started with a brother playing Labyrinth Wall, creating a real maze field that Yugi and Joey needed to navigate.

Labyrinth Wall is a monster card, not a field card, so it cannot force enemy monsters through a maze. As far as Wall Shadow is concerned, he cannot pass through walls to launch surprise attacks, and can only be summoned with a special spell card, not by fusing Shadow Ghoul with Labyrinth Wall.

6 The mystic elf cannot transfer his attack points to a friendly monster

Mystical Elf is a Spellcaster monster that was summoned multiple times in the anime, and the summoner was able to transfer all of his ATK points to another monster by singing a special song. This meant that any monster would receive an additional 800 ATK points.

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This is actually a useful ability for a monster, but unfortunately, Mystical Elf does not possess such an effect. In fact, the monster doesn’t even have an effect, it’s just an ordinary monster with 800 ATK and 2,000 DEF.

5 Dark magic curtain does not work for both players

The anime had quite a few scandalous saves, and one of them occurred during Yugi’s duel with Arkana. Like Yugi, Arkana liked to use Dark Magician, and he used a special spell card called Dark Magic Curtain to summon one from his deck.

When the duel seemed lost, Yugi told Arkana that his Spell Card allows both players to summon a Dark Magician monster, which is why he was allowed to summon the Dark Magician Girl. Unfortunately, Yugi made up all of that, because the Dark Magic Curtain effect can only be used by the person who played it.

4 Time Wizard does not have the power to transform monsters

Time assistant

To use the Time Wizard effect, a player needs to flip a coin, and if he says it right, all monsters on the opposite side of the field are destroyed, but if the user says it wrong, all his monsters are destroyed. and must also take damage equal to half the total ATK of each face-up monster destroyed.

In the anime, however, Time Wizard had an ability called Time Warp, which altered the age of certain monsters, and this act turned them into completely different monsters with different ATK and DEF points.

3 Multiply allowing players to spawn dozens of regenerating Kuribohs

Multiplying Kuriboh in Yu-Gi-Oh

Kuriboh is an adorable little fur ball, and many people would love to have one if it really existed. It may have only 300 ATK and 200 DEF, but Yugi loves using it, and it helped him defeat Kaiba and his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

This happened because he used the Multiply Spell Card to create dozens of Kuriboh, and if any of them were destroyed, they would regenerate, which meant that Yugi couldn’t lose any Life Points. However, Multiply does not do this. In fact, it only allows a player to summon up to 5 Kuriboh Tokens which can in fact be destroyed.

two Merging Live Arrow with Mammoth Graveyard is impossible

Kuriboh may have helped Yugi defeat Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes Supreme Dragon, but it wasn’t the card that brought down the mighty monster. That honor went to the monster, Mammoth Graveyard, which Yugi fused with the Spell Card, Living Arrow.

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Living Arrow had the ability to give the effect of a Spell Card to an opponent’s monster, and Yugi chose Polymerization, which fused Mammoth Graveyard with Blue Eyes. Because Mammoth Graveyard is an undead monster, it caused the Blue Eyes to rot and weaken, which is not how fusions work. But the worst part about this play is the fact that Living Arrow doesn’t actually exist.

1 Makiu, the magic mist has a completely different effect

Makiu, Magic Mist is a Spell Card that allows the user to select 1 Summoned Skull or Thunder Monster that he controls, and then he can destroy each monster on his opponent’s side of the field with DEF points that are less than or equal to Points ATK of the selected monster.

However, in the anime, Makiu appears to have multiple effects, as Yugi once used it to increase his Summoned Skull’s electric ATK by 30 percent, but when he used it against Joey, he was able to negate the monsters’ attacks.

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