Readers will find 10 different MHA tattoos that can serve as inspiration for a trip to the local tattoo parlor.

Only the most real of the real My hero Academy fans would get a permanent tattoo of Bokugo, Deku, or Shoto. Fortunately, there are a lot of these fans thanks to the fact that MHA is working hard to break the glass ceiling of the anime Big Three.

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Still, there are certainly fans hoping to get their MHA ink until they find the perfect design. This list was created with those fans in mind. Below, readers will find ten MHA tattoos that can serve as inspiration for a trip to the local tattoo parlor.

10 Matthew Wedge somehow manages to make this Bakugo ink look like it was colored in pencil

Bakugo _ Tattoo Panel

The secondary protagonist of My hero academia he deserves all the love viewers send him. That includes praise for this pristine ink that readers can find at Instagram profile of Matthew Wedge.

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The way Wedge managed to color this tattoo in a way that mimics colored pencil is impressive, but it’s the composition of this work that makes it really pop. Seeing Bakugo explode out of the harsh lines of the panel in this tattoo will remind fans of this character’s gift and personality.

9 Zaeno’s tattoo breaks the mold with this mysterious Tomura Shigaraki inking

Tomura Shigaraki _ My Hero Academia _ Scary Tattoo

This tattoo of the incredible @ Zaeno7 on Twitter It perfectly describes how terrifying Shigaraki is as a character. Relying on the original black and white inking of the My hero academia manga and stepping off the panel with one of Shigaraki’s many creepy hands, @ Zaeno7 captures the purest essence of this character.

Most fans would avoid giving Shigaraki a chance to touch his skin, but with a design like this it can be hard to resist the chance to permanently immortalize this incredible anime character.

8 Lefthandjosh proves that cute can be better than cool when designing a tattoo

Deku _ Tattoo _ MHA

The nostalgia brought on by this tattoo is sure to make any fan of My hero academia. It’s been quite a while since fans have been able to see Deku fawn over All Might like he did in the first few episodes of MHA.

This tattoo reaches CBR readers since Instagram user Lefthandjosh and captures Deku before the events of MHA. Deku surely still has this monkey tucked away in his closet somewhere, but this may be the only chance fans will see it on screen unless they follow the link above to this artist’s Instagram page. Make sure to see the Mewtwo color on their page as well.

7 Gymleader Brock sets the bar for line work with this inking eraser that looks like it was straight out of the manga.

Draft _ MHA

This classroom teacher at UA High School is a fan favorite character thanks to the direct and logical approach he takes with his students. There seems to be nothing this man doesn’t say if it applies to the situation in front of him.

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Touch may not be his strong suit, but Eraserhead has one of the most overpowered Quirks of all. My hero academia. the Instagram user @Brockgymleader capture the deadly glow of this character with lines that belong to the pages of the MHA sleeve.

6 Artist Natália Jiménez turns Bakugo into the most adorable Chibi cat tattoo ever inked

Shoto Cat _ MHA _ Tattoo

Bakugo is a fan favorite character and the best resident boy of My hero academiabut fans rarely see him with the style chosen for this tattoo design.

Bakugo’s antagonistic demeanor makes it rare for fans to see him animated in this adorable style, but that hasn’t stopped. Natália Jimenez to soften it for this ink. Readers looking for something simple and cute for their next tattoo can use this Bakugo Chibi design as inspiration for their next ink.

5 Brando Chiesa uses digital art to enhance coloring in this beautiful and terrifying tattoo of the A-rank villain, Dabi.

Dabi _ MHA _ Tattoo

The tattoo artist behind this inking is both a fan artist and a tattoo artist. After taking a quick look at your Instagram profile, readers will realize that Dabi’s character design really fits well with Brando Chiesa’s style as an artist.

Body horror seems to get in the way of this artist, so any reader wanting to get an impressively detailed description of Dabi inked on his body should follow the link above to Brando Chiesa’s Instagram page.

4 Evita Lopez combines iconography, lettering and a crying Deku to create a very casual anime tattoo design

Deku _ MHA _ Tattoo

Not everyone wants a full sleeve of Shenron and the Super Dragon Salls when they walk into the tattoo parlor. Surprisingly enough, some anime fans prefer to keep their anime fandom to themselves.

Getting an anime character tattoo on your forearm may seem counterintuitive to keep things low-key, but thanks to Evita Lopez, fans looking for a casual style MHA tattoo now has the perfect template to base your own design on. For those interested in seeing more of López’s work, follow this link to the artist’s Instagram profile.

3 Audrafe on Twitter shows both sides of Shoto some love with this tattoo for couples

Shoto _ Couples Tattoo _ MHA

Nothing makes it easier to permanently get inked with anime content than peer pressure. Seriously though, this couple’s tattoo @Audrafe on Twitter it is as adorable as it is artistically impressive.

Fan artists have long remembered the fact that it is difficult to draw a perfectly identical pair of eyes. Why else so many different anime characters with eye patches, emo hair, and face masks? Still, this tattoo artist shows just how skilled they are at inking two halves of the same face on two different people.

two Wideyedhenny gives fans a middle ground between simplicity and detail that is hard to ignore

Deku _ Black and white tattoo _ MHA

Not all tattoos have to pay an excessive amount of details and colors to look good. This particular piece serves as proof that, in fact, less can be more when designing a tattoo.

The artists behind this immaculate Deku ink can be found on Instagram with the username wideyedhenny. Most of their work leans on this “less is more” aesthetic, though they do have enough detailed colors on their page to show that their skill set is as flexible as Deku’s Quirk One For All.

1 Simon K. Bell Proves Once Again They’re On Top Of The Anime Inking Game With This Shoto Todoroki Masterpiece

All _ MHA _ Tattoo

For fans hoping to continue to immerse themselves in the realm of anime ink, Simon K. Bell’s Instagram mind is the place to go. Bell is clearly a fan of more anime than just MHA. His work borrows from popular series like Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, and even Murderer of demons.

As readers can surely see from the article posted here, Bell’s line work and coloring are at a level few artists can match on paper. In fact, every piece Bell works on looks like it was carried over directly from the anime.

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