10 saddest deaths in X-Men movies, ranked

After more than a dozen entries on Fox X Men franchise, there have been quite a few character deaths. In fact, some characters, like Jean Gray, have died more than once in the movies. Some losses have been more fun than anything else, but some have been truly devastating.

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Fortunately, the timeline reset some of these, but not all. From the X-Men who died between movies, to the huge deaths at the franchise’s climaxes, the X Men Movies have shown some of the saddest deaths in superhero movie history.

10 Beloved Characters Who Died Between Movies – Their autopsy photos were even shown, in some cases, and it was brutal

Angel and Azazel X-Men Days Of Future Past autopsy photos

Unfortunately, there were some beloved characters who died between movies, rather than on screen. Besides the mutants who died in the dark future of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the public learned that some mutants had been killed and experimented on in the past.

In the old days, postX Men First generation, It was revealed that several beloved mutants had been killed, including Angel Salvadore and Sean Cassidy, as well as Brotherhood members Emma Frost, Azazel, and Riptide. His autopsy photos were even shown, in some cases, and it was brutal.

9 Cyclops at the beginning of X-Men: The Last Stand

The very beginning of X-Men: The Final Decision he returned to a slightly sad death that ended the previous movie. X2: X-Men United It had closed with the death of Jean Gray, or so it seemed. The last battle he saw the return of Jean Gray, although it was significantly different from what it had been before.

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When Cyclops finds her, she ends up killing him off-screen, only for his fellow X-Men to later discover his glasses where his body once was. This unfortunate end for this beloved character at the hands of his girlfriend was downright tragic.

8 Deadpool’s temporary death in Deadpool 2

While Deadpool cannot functionally die in many ways, he almost succeeded in Deadpool 2. After Cable shot Russell, Deadpool jumped in front of the bullet and ended up getting shot in the heart. After his death, he was able to save everyone. He saw Vanessa again and the two shared an emotionally devastating moment together.

She tells him that it is not his time to die yet, even if he wants to be with her. His death earlier in the movie was what’s more horribly sad and helped make this moment even sadder. Deadpool ends up saved by the time-traveling Cable, but he still died, and his death was incredibly sad.

7 Wolverine killing Jean Gray in X-Men: The Last Stand

Wolverine kills Jean Gray X-Men The Last Stand

Like the original X Men When the trilogy came to a close, it became clear that Jean Gray had gone too far as the Dark Phoenix and would need to be stopped.

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It was at the end of The last battle that Wolverine had to kill Jean Gray with his claws to stop her, at his own request. This was devastating for both of them, and viewers could really feel the excitement on screen.

6 Mystique at the hands of Jean Gray in Dark Phoenix

Mystique dies Dark Phoenix

Although the movie Dark fenix, Very similar The last battle, It’s not considered one of the best movies in the X-Men franchise, it had its fair share of sad moments. After all, the X-Men origin movies had spent so much time growing Mystique’s character and her ongoing arc that it was devastating to lose her in Dark fenix.

Worse still was the fact that she died a hero, trying to help Jean Gray, and ended up dying at her hands. It was this death that divided the X-Men; Hank blamed Charles for this death, leaving the X-Men to join Erik and take revenge on Raven. This death was not only sad, but it also had many sad knock-on effects.

5 Alex Summers as a victim of his own powers in X-Men: Apocalypse

Another beloved member of the X-Men first team, along with late members Sean Cassidy and Raven Darkholme, was, unfortunately, Alex Summers. Alex, Scott Summers’ brother, was older than Scott in the movies and was one of the first mutants recruited by Charles and Erik into the X-Men.

He stayed with the team for a long time until En Sabah Nur attacked Xavier’s school in X-Men: Apocalypse to rob Charles Xavier. Alex used his explosive powers to fight the bad guys, but ended up blowing up the mansion. Quicksilver, thankfully, was able to save everyone in the house except Alex, who was killed in his own explosion.

4 Darwin with Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class

Armando Muñoz Darwin dies X-Men First Class

When the first X-Men team was formed, one of the most powerful members was Armando Muñoz. Perhaps better known as Darwin, due to his ability to adapt and survive in any situation, it was shocking to audiences when Darwin was the first member of the team to fall.

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In X Men First generation, Sebastian Shaw filled Darwin with pure energy, forcing his body to burn completely in response. Fans didn’t necessarily agree with this, arguing that Darwin’s ability should have been able to help him resist this blast of energy, making death that much more painful. It shouldn’t have happened at all and it’s even sadder.

3 Professor X versus Magneto in X-Men: The Last Stand

Professor X Moments Before Dying X-Men The Last Stand

After so many years side by side, even when they disagreed, it was obvious that Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr cared deeply for each other. The two teamed up again to try to stop their former student, Jean Gray, from becoming more destructive than she already was.

Unfortunately, it was too late and Erik had to watch Jean disintegrate Charles before his very eyes. The fact that Erik was forced to witness this made the scene worse. Even sadder is that Charles returns to die again and again, before finally dying, sadly, for the last time, in Logan.

two Wolverine’s death at the end of Logan

Logan Dying Wolverine

The movie that seemed to close out the Fox X-Men franchise was the movie Logan. Not only is Logan a great superhero movie, but it’s also a good movie overall. However, it is also emotionally devastating. After years of seeing Wolverine on the big screen, his story finally came to an end.

He died slowly on screen, at the end of a long, sad and hard life. With his death, the death of the X-Men also came, both symbolically and literally. This is devastating in all respects, in canon and for viewers; the movie Logan overall he was quite sad and saddened even more by this ending.

1 Magneto’s family in X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Apocalypse

Three of the saddest deaths in the entire X-Men movie franchise involve people in Magneto’s life. Erik is someone who loves deeply and passionately; when he loses those he loves, he feels this loss and grieves them deeply. In X Men First generation, her mother was killed by Sebastian Shaw while she and Erik were incarcerated in a concentration camp during World War II.

Later in Erik’s life, he married and had a daughter, only for a Polish officer to kill them both, causing Erik to go almost mad from the pain of the loss. The deaths of Erik’s mother, his wife and daughter are without a doubt the saddest of all time. X Men movies together.

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