There have been countless Survivor heroes over the course of the show’s forty seasons, from fan favorites who stole the million dollars to villains who redeemed themselves. The show has seen it all. It should come as no surprise that the only other franchise with so many heroes to wow audiences this century is Marvel.

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The giant, and most successful, film franchise of all time has seen dozens of heroes pass through its ranks, with new ones being added with each installment. As long as there is no one in Survivor who has the same powers as the heroes of the MCU, after so many years and so many players, there will surely be some similarities.

10 James Clement and War Machine

James Clement / War Machine

Gravedigger James was a shy and strong all-star who first appeared on Survivor: China, but became a fan favorite of the franchise, reappearing in Micronesia Y Heroes vs. Villains. Like Colonel Rhodes of the Iron Man franchise, James was a workhorse with his own unique sense of humor.

However, the similarities don’t stop there, as both were unfortunately very prone to injury. War Machine broke his back in the famous Civil war fight, while James lost his last two appearances in Survivor due to injury.

9 John Cochran and Dr. Strange

James Cochran / Doctor Strange

In hindsight, it makes sense for the nerd who did a Ph.D. in SurvivorGame theory would end up being one of the smartest participants to ever play and win it all. That said, in his first season, Cochran was seen as a clever but awkward outcast, as was Dr. Strange when he first arrived at the temple.

But they both grew in their powers. Dr. Strange would eventually evaluate all possible futures to determine the only way to defeat Thanos, just as Cochran would stay ten steps ahead of his allies and enemies on his return season.

8 Tai Trang and Ant-Man

Tai Trang / Ant-Man rides a flying ant

Tai, the new school gamer who won the hearts of the public with his inspiring backstory, miniature stature, quick wit, and deep love for animals. He was as smart a gamer as he was comedian, which makes his parallels to Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man even more accurate.

In both seasons of Tai, he went far: he became the last tribal once, then missed the second for just one day. And although Ant-Man has no such victories under his belt, had he been released in Brain vs. Muscle Strength vs. Beauty, he would definitely want Tai’s place in the tribe of beauty.

7 Ozzy Lutsh and Black Panther

Ozzy / Black Panther with arms outstretched

Ozzy, one of the most beloved players of Survivor history, he was the final competitor. No one could run farther, swim faster, or climb higher than Ozzy. He mastered every challenge he was a part of (plus an early challenge he intentionally pitched for strategy).

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In that way, the fan-favorite looks a lot like the equally beloved Black Panther from the MCU. T’Challa defeated his enemies with his strength, brains and charisma, just as Ozzy did. Who would win immunity if these two faced each other is anyone’s guess.

6 Cirie Fields and Wanda Maximoff

Cirie Fields / Wanda dressed as the Scarlet Witch

Few players came in and doubled the course of the game at will like Cirie did. The nurse, who was famous for going from her couch to the island, not only ran circles around first-time players, but changed the trajectory of an entire alliance in the All-star season without help and without immunity idol.

He didn’t even have to move his hands to change people’s minds. Something that Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, cannot say. Just as Wanda has proven to be increasingly powerful, Cirie will always be remembered as one of the most powerful players in Survivor history.

5 Rupert Boneham and Thor

Rupert Boneham / Thor smiles

It’s safe to say that even after more than thirty seasons since he first appeared on the show, there has never been a more loved and adored Survivor than Rupert. The large bearded and dressed vocational counselor (who doubled as a pirate) became the heart of Survivor, inside and outside the show.

During his time in the Pearl Islands (among many other destinations), he was at the center of almost every alliance he was a part of, put his team on his back during challenges, and was dangerously beloved. Add a flying hammer and you know who you have.

4 JT Thomas and Star-Lord

JT Thomas / Star-Lord dances

One of the only unanimous winners to play the game, JT was the head of a motley group of characters in Brazil. Taken from the American South, JT won over everyone with his big smile, brotherly demeanor, and overwhelming sense of fun.

But behind that allure, he turned out to be a serious threat during tribal councils and challenges. Star-Lord, the Midwestern outcast in command of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he also won over people with his fun-loving attitude and sense of humor. Also, would it be so crazy if JT revealed that his best friend was a raccoon?

3 Sandra Diaz-Twine and Captain Marvel

Sandra Diaz-Twine smiles / Captain Marvel lights up

Sandra, the loud-mouthed mom who could sink into the shadows, not only won Survivor – Won it twice in two tries. Like Captain Marvel, Sandra couldn’t be stopped when she got hot. She was late in the game and simply took control, saving her allies, voting for her enemies, and making sure that when the final ballots were cast, she was sitting next to the people she knew she could beat.

There may be no one in the MCU more powerful than Carol Danvers. Certainly, the same can be said for Sandra.

two Colby Donaldson and Captain America

Colby Donaldson smiles / Captain America

Colby Donaldson, the face of Survivor: Outback Australia and many times All-Star, he is practically the literal incarnation of Captain America. He won more individual immunities in a season than any other player, brought a state flag as a personal item, is famous for his self-denial, and, if I remember correctly, broke a log perfectly in half.

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Wait, that last one could have been Steve Rogers. It’s hard to remember since Colby was such a sweet yet dominating force in her time on the show. Colby and Cap are two sides of the same American-made coin.

1 Boston Rob and Iron Man

Boston Rob / Tony Stark

Take off your goatee and overwhelming ego, what do Boston Rob and Tony Stark have in common? Good for a start: They both redeemed themselves from being considered villains, both found love while fighting their enemies, both were mentors to promising youngsters, and most importantly, both converted and remain the faces of their franchises.

There is no more recognizable name in Survivor history, or possibly even game show history, that Boston Rob, just like there is no more identifiable Marvel superhero than Iron Man. If you put Boston Rob in the Stark suit, and Tony Stark in a Survivor buff, nothing would change. The story would unfold exactly the same. Boston Rob can really say, “I’m Iron Man.”

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