Many Marvel villains have intricate and complex reasons for what they do. Some believe they are morally justified, while others are simply drunk on the concept of unremitting power. Then there are those like Cletus Kasady, a deranged serial killer and murderer who inherited an alien symbiote, turning him into the super-powerful supervillain Carnage.

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This spawn of the Venom symbiote was a force of unrelenting fear, mayhem and violence, and it quickly proved to be one of the greatest threats in the Marvel universe. Fan art renderings of the character are strewn all over the internet, with the best ones capturing Carnage’s murderous and deranged spirit in a way that would make even Venom pause and rethink his movements.

10 Butcher Attacks by Sebastiansx Buslowski

Carnage jumps through a window

The talented Sebastiansx Buslowski brings true kinetic energy to this terrifying shot of an unstoppable and relentless Carnage diving through what appears to be a glass window. The background stripes signify momentum and speed as the villain rushes to kill, which is as scary as it sounds.

It can sometimes be difficult for artists to capture a subject’s personality in one shot, but this work doesn’t miss a beat. Carnage’s malice, malevolence, and violent instincts are on full display, and there is no question of his intentions.

9 Carnage stalks the streets for Jackson Caspersz

Artist Jackson caspersz He wrote this work of Carnage stalking the alleys, probably looking for his next victim. It is unknown if he is chasing a target or indiscriminately chasing innocents, but he is no less terrifying either way.

The nature of the shot, including Carnage’s pose, suggests that he is moving slowly, perhaps looking for a hidden victim. If that’s the case, then “get out, get out, wherever you are” just took on a whole new meaning. The level of detail in this work is exquisite, from the brick to the background and the lighting.

8 A portrait of the carnage by Rafael C. Costa

In this work, Rafael C. Costa took a slightly different approach with his rendition of a cue ball-headed kill. The deep reds and tendril shades really add authenticity to this piece, but it’s the little touches that matter. Carnage’s eyes look more like metal blades, and the same goes for his metal teeth and jaws.

This is an interesting take on the classic villain that eludes many other fan art pieces. Carnage looks thin, mean, and malevolent, and that’s all that really matters.

7 Armed and Dangerous Carnage by Rob Brunette

This stunning shot of Rob Morena shows Carnage ready to launch an attack. It is unique in the fact that it shows Carnage with his right arm transformed into one of his signature murder weapons. The sharp, spiral tendrils also make it look much more menacing than usual.

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The combination of pose and detail is what makes this shot work. The eyes and mouth are of particular importance, and they look absolutely beastly compared to interpretations of the character in the comics. This is a really intimidating shot.

6 The Cobweb of Carnage by Mark Yong

Taking the traditional Carnage design and bumping it up to make it look much closer to Venom is an interesting take on Mark yong. Here, Carnage is huge, muscular, and menacing, and his elongated jaws and thick neck are clearly trying to evoke his symbiote progenitor Venom.

The mesh background is a nice touch, giving an appropriate frame to the subject. All in all, this is what one might imagine if the Carnage symbiote decided to merge with Eddie Brock, rather than Cletus Kasady.

5 Demonic Carnage by Eduardo Silva

This creepy 3D model of Eduardo Silva turns demonic when it shows Carnage leaning on top of a gargoyle, ready to attack. Carnage’s portrayal as a character is quite different in tone and appearance, with oily locks of wiry red symbiote skin accentuating black, and a twisted, knobby expression on his face.

It works for many reasons, mainly those that focus on a more gothic level. The inclusion of a creepy-looking gargoyle is as perfect an accompanying piece as you could hope for, not to mention the incredible level of detail in the main theme.

4 Nightmare Carnage by Jasper Sandner

Artist Jasper sandner lures the viewer into absolute horror with this terrifying piece by Carnage. This is exactly how one might imagine the titular villain if seen in a nightmare. The most prominent feature of this shot is obviously Carnage’s twisted, ugly jaws and overly accented eyes, which make him far more menacing than the traditional version of the character.

The clever use of Gaussian and motion blur makes the piece feel like it’s moving, which is a scary thought, given the subject matter at hand. No one in their right mind would want their last moments to look like this.

3 Wolvie’s Carnage by Blade of Goth

Inspired by another job, Goth Blade designed this version of what the Carnage symbiote would look like if teamed up with Wolverine. It’s hard to imagine a more devastating combination, especially given Logan’s penchant for animal rage and expressive episodes of violence.

Under the influence of the symbiote, it is unknown how much damage Wolverine might be tempted to unleash, and that is an unsettling thought. Would he still be a brave antihero, or would he reject it all for the sake of succumbing to his own bloodlust?

two Carnage jumps by JoseRealArt

Artist JoseRealArt takes the best elements of a traditional comic book interpretation of Carnage and amplifies them to the nth degree. This is a great shot with a lot to see, and it wouldn’t seem out of place on a comic book cover. There are so many details here and ingenious use of lighting that one could stare at it for hours and still be amazed.

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Carnage’s main colors in this shot are primarily red and light tan is used for accentuation. This gives off a unique lighting aesthetic that really makes the symbiote shine in a new way. Using lines and particles also makes the shot feel like it’s moving, which is important for any good Carnage kill.

1 Carnage & Spider-Man by Eric Nguyen

Here, Eric nguyen Pair Carnage with the quintessential Spider-Man for this comic book cover-worthy shot that’s spectacular in every way. This is the kind of artwork that everyone dreams they can make. The detail, perspective, and kinetics of the piece are brilliant.

A subtle accent that is used to great effect is the white cobweb strands amid all the red. This keeps the color palette small and simple, with enough differentiation not to overload the eyes. This is a piece that could be easily framed and hung on a wall.

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