Over the years, The Avengers have connected with each other and developed some strange relationships in Marvel Comics.

The romance between The Vision and Scarlet Witch depicted in WandaVision it is strange without a doubt. One of them is dead, after all. But it’s also one of the greatest Marvel Comics romances due to the genuine love between the two. Also, other relationships in the Avengers comics over the years have been strange.

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Team members often pair with each other, which isn’t that strange, but some of the pairings have been odd. Considering alternate timelines and different universes within the comics, things get even weirder. And some Avengers relationships are best left in the past.

10 Mercury and … Scarlet Witch

Mercury Scarlet Witch Incest Relationship

Quicksilver is Wanda’s brother in the comics and her fellow Avenger and a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. In the Ultimate Comics universe, an alternate reality established in the early 2000s by Marvel, the same is true. But the two are more than a family. The strange and gruesome romance between Wanda and Pietro is mentioned in an increasingly creepy way in the Ultimate line until she is killed and he participates in his father Magneto’s attempt to destroy the world.

9 Black knight and sersi

Black Knight and Sersi to appear in upcoming MCU movie Eternal, and his relationship with Marvel Comics is likely to play a role. These two were members of the team in the late ’80s and early’ 90s, and their romance is equally strange and tragic.

At one point, Sersi was attacked by a villain named Proctor from the future. It is later revealed that Proctor is, in fact, an alternate version of the Black Knight, who has been hunting every version of Sersi in the multiverse. Given the MCU’s direction on the multiverse concept, that idea could play a role in the movie.

8 She-Hulk and Thor

She-Hulk and Thor Romance

One of the strangest Avengers pairings is one of the most recent. She-Hulk and Thor connect in recent cosmic crossover Empyre, which sees the end of the Kree / Skrull War with the ascension of the Hulking (Young Avenger Wiccan’s husband). It’s not hard to imagine that Thor and She-Hulk would be impressed by each other, both being powerful and attractive heroes who work a lot together. But it’s a different move for both of them, who tend to mate with partners who are very different from them (and generally powerless).

7 Wolverine and Hercules

Wolverine Hercules kiss

The love story between Hercules and Wolverine is strange because it will probably never be more than a thread in the great web of the multiverse. In an alternate reality, the Avengers were lovers. They were first met by fans when the X-Men formed a team, X-Treme X-Men, to hunt down evil versions of Professor X in different universes.

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The relationship was so unique because it was so unexpected. Fans unprepared for the idea of ​​a gay Wolverine, although recent events in the main Marvel Universe have shown that it may not be limited to Hercules. At Dawn of x titles, he taunts Wolverine for being in a polyamorous relationship with Cyclops and Jean Gray.

6 Scarlet Witch and Captain America

The Vision isn’t the Scarlet Witch’s only lover among the Avengers. When she first joined the team in 1965, she was in love with Captain America. Nothing really came of this, as Wanda quickly got to know The Vision. Years later, they would reconnect at the precipice of one of Wanda’s worst moments.

They began a quiet and uncertain romance in Captain America and the Falcon # 6, by writer Christopher Priest and artist Joe Bennett. This happened just before Wanda attacked the team in Avengers disassembled, one of the major comic book stories in the history of Scarlet Witch and The Vision.

5 Mercury and crystal

Quicksilver would have a less complicated affair with a fellow Avenger than his sister, but no less strange. In the late 1980s, he meets and later marries Inhuman Crystal, a powerful female Marvel character who controls the elements. The two also have a daughter, Luna, who is initially powerless. Their relationship is strange mainly because it never made sense. Pietro is an infamous jerk in the comics, short and impatient, especially with Crystal, who just seems to be looking for some happiness and peace.

4 Hank Pym and Tigra

Hank Pym Tigra Kisses

Hank Pym is involved with Janet Van Dyne in the comics, for better and for worse, but one of his weirdest relationships came much later. For a time, he was involved with Tigra, a member of both the Avengers core team and the West Coast Avengers. It’s remarkably strange because he reduced Tigra to the size of a normal cat and kept her in a cage in his lab while the Avengers went on another mission. It was a great example of how awful Hank Pym could be at times.

3 Iron man and wasp

Iron Man Wasp Kiss

The Wasp also has its share of unusual romances. One of her first relationships was with Tony Stark. The couple had a brief relationship in the 1980s after Janet’s marriage to Hank Pym ended. It was weird because he didn’t actually know that Tony was Iron Man at the time.

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They later rekindled their relationship in 2018, with the Fresh Start initiative at Marvel Comics. Tony designed Janet a new Wasp suit, which had some influence on her MCU appearance, but the relationship didn’t last long.

two Jane Foster Thor and Sam Wilson Captain America

Jane Foster Thor and Sam Wilson Captain America Kiss

The idea of ​​Captain America and Thor dating would have been strange to some back in the day, but in 2015, it was so cute. Jane Foster was Thor and Sam Wilson was Captain America in the Totally new, totally different It was from Marvel. The two of them had a brief flirtation that really didn’t go anywhere, which was the strangest thing of all. The two were very cute together, and it was another case of uncertain identity, as no one, not even the reader, knew that Thor was Jane Foster for a long time.

1 Scarlet Witch And Wonder Man

Kiss of the scarlet witch and wonder man

One of the strangest romances between the Avengers occurred between Wanda and Wonder Man. It is strange because of his connection to Vision. The Vision was created by Ultron from Wonder Man’s brain patterns and memories, and when Vision lost them and became the White Vision, Wanda was left without it. She began a complicated affair with Wonder Man that would be on and off for years, even after Vision regained a large part of his old self. It didn’t help that Wonder Man originally refused to help recreate the synth.

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