Lately WandaVision she’s been answering a lot of burning questions like Agnes’s true identity, who brought the fake Pietro to Westview, who created the reality of comedy, why comedies in the first place, etc. But there are still countless (fourteen to be precise) mysteries that the show has yet to solve. And all we’re left with is one final episode, rumored to last at least an hour. But will that be enough to answer all the burning questions we have?

[14] Where’s Ralph?

WandaVision Where's Ralph?

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Since the first episode, Agnes, also known as Agatha Harkness, has talked about her husband, Ralph. We have yet to take a look at the character or find out what she’s been up to since Wanda’s sitcom world began. There’s a chance Agatha made it up to fit into the Westview sitcom. Ralph is just a character for Wanda’s show that Agatha just dropped and his presence is similar to Maris Crane in Frasier or cousin Jeffrey in Seinfeld– to be commented but never seen.

[13] Who is Jimmy’s missing witness?

Jimmy's missing witness

Jimmy’s missing witness is the crux of why SWORD got caught up in the strange reality of Westview in the first place. We learned that this person, who was in the Witness Protection Program, had been a Westview resident and then suddenly disappeared. The strangest part was that all of his family members, friends and associates who live outside of Westview have forgotten that he exists in the first place.

In all the time SWORD spent matching characters from Wanda’s television land to their real identities, not once did Jimmy mention whether he found her missing person. Is it Ralph? Or someone we don’t know yet? Or maybe SWORD director Tyler Hayward had been following Wanda and had this Westview resident disappear to make sure his organization eventually gets involved?

[12] What about Hayward and his plans for White Vision?

White Vision

We’re still oscillating between whether it’s just a cocky leader or a villain from start to finish who is targeting Wanda for some personal reason. Through his actions, Hayward has shown that he is up to no good. It is one thing to hate superpowered beings and a completely different situation is to go out of the way to frame Wanda as a terrorist by tampering with the surveillance video of her rather civilized visit to SWORD headquarters. He falsely claimed that Wanda had stolen Vision’s body even though he had the real thing with him all this time. Now he has ignited Vision’s body with Wanda’s chaos magic and it remains to be seen what he plans to do with his new sentient weapon – will he simply unleash it to stop Wanda and her ever-widespread false reality, or does he have something sinister? planned?

eleven Has WandaVision established that mutants have been here all along?

Mutants by WandaVision

In the last episode, we saw that Wanda possessed powers long before she was exposed to the Mind Stone. It is because of her existing powers that she survived HYDRA’s experiments with her. Even Agatha establishes that Wanda is THE Scarlet Witch. But his brother, Pietro, also underwent the same procedure and survived, which means that he, too, already had his powers. Does this say that mutants have been in the MCU reality the entire time? Or that Wanda and Pietro are two rare magical beings?

[10] What is the true identity behind the fake Pietro aka Fietro?

WandaVision Felt

Agatha has revealed that she was the one who brought the fake Pietro to mess with Wanda and she has been the one controlling him all this time. In the last episode, he shared that he did not bring his real brother as his body was in a completely different country. If that’s true, the chances of it being Quicksilver from the X-Men are pretty slim, as Agatha doesn’t seem to possess the powers to reach another country, let alone poke around another universe and snatch a Peter Maximoff from there.

In that case, we return to the starting point: who is the false Pietro? He cannot be the lost witness, as Jimmy would have recognized him instantly. So who is he?

[9] What role will Monica play in the upcoming fight?

Monica WandaVision

The last time we saw Monica, she had fully embraced her comic book roots (although she hadn’t realized it yet) and snooping around Agatha’s basement looking for Wanda when the fake Pietro confronted her. Now if it’s still under Agatha’s control, that would explain why Monica didn’t fully appear in Episode 8.

Perhaps Fietro, driven by Agatha’s experienced and much stronger powers, is holding her captive or if she is no longer under his control, he could be helping Monica break the magic that is preventing her from reaching Wanda. We can only guess.

[8] What is the dispute between Monica and Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel WandaVision

By now, it’s obvious that something is wrong between Monica and Captain Marvel. The duo shared a strong bond when Monica was a child, but now, she gets very irritated whenever Carol Danvers is mentioned. Is it because Monica blames her for not saving her mother from cancer while she was gone or because Maria Rambeau contracted cancer? while Help Captain Marvel on one of her missions?

But the chances of this particular reveal being made in the final episode of WandaVision they are quite thin. It’s something that will likely be explored in the second Captain Marvel movie.

[7] Where is Dottie too?

Dottie WandaVision

We last saw the character in Episode 7 and that too for a second when Wanda publicly used her powers to subdue Monica. His first and last major appearance was in Episode 2, where he witnessed Jimmy Woo attempting to communicate with Wanda via radio. Even before he had regained his identity for a while, he had been acting strange. Also, for some reason, the last time we saw the identity board at the SWORD base, Dottie’s photo was mysteriously disappearing.

All the other residents of the city, especially those more in the center of Wanda’s facade, have been seen regularly, but not Dottie. Is there a great mystery behind this character? Was it intentionally left out?

[6] What does Agatha Harkness want with Wanda?

Agatha Harkness

While Agatha delving into Wanda’s memories revealed many answers, we still don’t know what she plans to do now that she knows the roots of Wanda’s powers. Given how the MCU has modified its past to show how it overpowered its sisters and mother hundreds of years ago by deflecting their powers and life force, we can hope that it now wishes for Wanda’s powerful magic as its own.

She also holds Billy and Tommy captive, perhaps to use them as leverage to make Wanda give up her powers voluntarily.

[5] What about that mysterious book in Agatha’s basement?

Agatha's Book

We know that it really hasn’t been Agatha “all along.” She has simply pulled a string here and there, since the creator of the pseudo-reality is really Wanda. But that still doesn’t explain the big ominous-looking book, radiating energy, in his basement. We bet it could be the Darkholder or the Necronomicon that Agatha was using to bring Chthon, the Elder God to Earth. But now we know that Agatha works alone. So what is that great book and what is its function?

[4] Who and what is the Scarlet Witch?

Scarlet Witch

At the end of Episode 8, Agatha proclaims that Wanda is using chaos magic, turning her into the dangerous creature known as the Scarlet Witch. While that’s a name comic book enthusiasts are already familiar with, we’ve yet to see the limit to which the MCU will adhere to the character’s comic book roots. Will the Scarlet Witch be a magical being with rare powers or just a mutant with extraordinary abilities? Or both?

[3] Will we recover the old Vision?


Westview’s Vision is just an illusion that Wanda created out of her powers and based on how she remembers it. This reveal effectively ended the possibility that Vision could return, but now that Hayward has the White Vision charged, can we expect the story to encompass the character’s journey in the comics? Will this “sentient weapon” eventually regain its humanity, compassion, and most importantly, its maroon hue because seriously, this white version is simply Sinister!

[2] How will Wanda unleash the multiverse?

WandaVision Multiverse

It is common knowledge that WandaVision is supposed to lead to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity. But so far, Wanda has done nothing to open a door between various universities. Since we now know that Wanda didn’t get an alternate version of her brother from a different universe, she doesn’t seem to possess that power … yet.

But somehow, Wanda is supposed to keep punching a hole in the fabric of reality. If the “House of M” is what WandaVision go on, it doesn’t bode well for the twins or maybe the White Vision or someone else will break Wanda’s reality, like Vision and presumably her children won’t stay alive outside of the spell, maybe losing them would lead to an epic collapse that gives as a result the multiverse.

1 Where is Luke Skywalker’s epic moment?

{@IMG: vbtXzEIxhG1EQOjIL3lbpwJvSUn98e | Luke Skywalker Moment [email protected]}

Elizabeth Olsen had teased the scene in one of her early interviews and specified that it is a character whose arrival has not been spoiled. As the casting of Evan Peters as the fake Pietro came out weeks ago, we actually got to see it, we can hope the timing has yet to be revealed. While an appearance from Doctor Strange is the most obvious answer, it won’t be an explosive “Luke Skywalker” -type reveal.

Up to now, WandaVisionThe reveals have been pretty standard – in fact, it was all Wanda’s creation, Agnes is Agatha Harkness, Monica becomes Photon or whatever nickname you choose, etc. But maybe, just maybe, this epic cameo will be someone completely unexpected. . All episodes of WandaVision are currently broadcasting on|the official Disney + app.

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