As the year 2020 progressed, people found ways to entertain themselves through various games. One of those games ended up being the horror / murder mystery movie inspired sensation. Among us, a game that many players enjoyed even if they broke a couple of friends along the way.

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However, there may be evidence that Among us not as good as people think. That the game is fraught with problems. From technical issues to repetitive gameplay, there is evidence of Among us‘s exaggerate. But, could it be said that there are other more overrated games?

10 Overrated: gamers

Cheater among us

Perhaps it is strange to cite players as a reason for a game to be overrated. The truth is, Among us It has a massive fan base and many of the players are quite boring. They play the game, have fun, and follow the unspoken rules.

Then there are the ones that don’t. Those who constantly repeat saying who the impostor is because their friend was killed by the impostor and he told them, which is incredibly frustrating. Interactions and players like that ruin the gaming experience for other people and make the game less fun.

9 Contender: PUBG

PUBG poster

In recent years, some of the most popular games turn out to be those that revolve around the idea of ​​battle royale games, which are still popular in 2020. PUBG, considered the pioneer of the genre, is also one of the most overrated.

There are several reasons for this, such as hard-working players, campers, few maps, few updates, and events that only happen once in a while. Although it was fun at first, PUBG He never really went anywhere.

8 Overrated: No history

Between us Kill Animation

Not all games will have a story. Sometimes the best games are the ones that players can push, not the story. It can allow interactions and gameplay that a narrative could not provide.

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However, the idea of ​​an imposter moving between the crew members, taking them out one by one would have been an incredible story mode. The fact that players overlook the potential and instead only focus on the spin-off game weakens the game as a whole and on a deeper level.

7 Contender: Sims

The Sims 4 model

Again, not all games need a story mode. But that’s not to say that a story mode wouldn’t allow the game to leap into a new frontier. For many fans, The Sims is a great game where one can sadistically control the lives of humans and basically play God.

The kind of story one could get out of that, a story of uncontrolled NPC actions could have been absolutely incredible. Instead, fans were greeted with mediocre games with a fifth game down the road that never went beyond the tried-and-true formula the series had established.

6 Overrated: it’s been done before and better

TT logo

There is a murderer among the players. Players must work together to uncover the killers while having great mistrust of each other. The public has seen this type of game before and, on other occasions, it has been done better.

Trouble in the terrorist city, Assassination of Garry’s Mod, and even an in-person game like Mafia work to sow the seeds of dissent and mistrust among players in a way much better than Among us It could be, even with mods and maps added to the already banal game.

5 Contender: Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Poster

I like it Among us, the idea of Rainbow six siege it is intriguing at first glance. The idea of ​​players facing each other in intense personal situations involving property destruction sounds like an incredible game.

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Yet really playing Rainbow six it’s difficult for casual gamers, which takes away from the experience. Players don’t always want to play competently. Sometimes they just play for fun and Rainbow six It takes away that fun when you drop into matches full of competitive players.

4 Overrated: too content

Map skied between us

You could say that the likes of Among us it is too much content of a game. Of course, when the idea is based on an imposter infiltrating a crew of astronauts, the limits are not that high. However, he always feels that the game can do more.

There could be more death animations, more unique maps, more costumes, and more interesting tasks. While some of these have been rolled out, there is still plenty of room for the game to grow, even though it was released in 2018 and has almost three years to add content.

3 Contender: Fortnite

Fortnite Season 2 Poster

Fortnite started out as a game about survivors fighting hordes of zombies that turned into a battle royale game similar to PUBG. It could be said Fortnite is more overrated than PUBG simply for its content.

There is a difference between too much content and not enough content and Fortnite exhibits that defect. From popular movie franchises to comics infiltrating the world, there always seems to be too much going on for the player to fully process, even when everything is released over a set period of time.

two Overrated: repetitive

Between us voting screen

The replay value of a game is always worth it. Players always hope they can play the same game over and over and still have fun. However, there are times when even playable games can become too repetitive and stale.

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Everyone Among us These are players going from one task to another, avoiding impostors and yelling who they think they are round after round. For the former, it is fun. However, after twenty, he begins to crawl. After fifty … it’s not so much fun anymore, even with some incredible modifications.

1 Contender: Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed All Games Poster

“Setting out throughout the story, players take control of the lives of globe-trotting assassins on perilous journeys against the backdrop of some iconic historical settings.” The basic premise of Assassin’s creed is incredible. He speaks to the player and attracts him with that promise and idea.

Once inside, players slowly see that the game is nothing more than a bunch of copy and paste missions mixed with the backdrop of a mystical and doomsday setting. It’s almost ironic that single game players adore the one that doesn’t follow this formula. Even the movie couldn’t understand the game.

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