9 LGBTQ + anime characters you didn’t know existed

Despite the fact that anime has a much greater number of queer characters on screen compared to Western television series and Hollywood movies, those characters have often been relegated to being incarnations of negative stereotypes of their community, or are intended simply as the joke of homophobic jokes.

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However, there have also been LGBTQ + figures who were portrayed as real characters, whose entire existence did not revolve around their sexuality. Sadly, time was not kind to most of these characters as most of them went unnoticed or forgotten as the years went by.

9 Aru Aise loves Yukine and Yuno sees her as his main love rival (Future Diary)

Aru Aise: loves Yukine and Yuno sees her as his main love rival (Future Diary)

Perhaps the best thing about Aru is that he is not just a character on the gay side as is often the case. It is actually the deuteragonist of Future diary who has genuine feelings of love and protection towards Yukki.

In fact, the anime goes so far as to show Aru reaching out and kissing Yukki, all the while being aware of (and somewhat mocking) the intensely jealous Yuno Gasai, who saw this happen from a distance.

8 Shion says goodbye to Nezumi with a kiss before he secretly leaves to save Safu (No. 6)

shion no 6 sad

The relationship between Nezumi and Shion is slow, so perhaps it makes their relationship even more believable.

After leaving her life behind and running away with Nezumi, Shion promises to save Safu, but does not want to involve Nezumi. Thus, in episode 7, he gives Nezuki a goodbye kiss, which is disguised as a goodnight kiss because he assumed the two would never meet again.

7 Nobara Yukinokouji openly flirts with other girls (Secret Service Inu X Boku)

Nobara YUKINOKOUJI (Secret Service Inu X Boku)

Despite being just one of the many supporting characters in Inu x Boku, Nobara ends up leaving a great impression on fans, mainly because of his fixation with other girls.

He doesn’t hesitate to flirt with each and every cute girl who crosses his path, including Ririchiyo Shirakiin. Although her behavior is considered unpleasant by some, she is praised for being a genuinely kind and caring friend, especially towards Ririchiyo.

6 Lian Xie is a sweet young man who falls in love with a cunning devastation-class demon (official blessing from heaven)

lian xie (Official Heaven's Blessing) smile

This prince, once loved, was banished from the Heavens, forced to perform odd jobs in order to re-enter said Heavens.

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During his time on earth, Xie met the charismatic Hua Cheng, who was disguised as San Lang. The two started out as strangers but ended up becoming solid confidants of each other, which isn’t surprising, as their love story spanned multiple lifetimes.

5 Shima Nishina openly kisses and chases Serinuma as well as other guys (Kiss him, not me)

Shima Nishina (Kiss him, not me)

Initially, Shima was mistaken for a boy due to her androgynous appearance. Neither of the guys took her seriously, until she stepped forward and kissed Serinuma, that is.

From that moment on, he declared to everyone his true intentions: to pursue Serinuma with the same seriousness as the other boys. It was very encouraging to see that her advances were taken seriously by the boys, who actually respected her as the strongest contender for the sweet Serinuma.

4 Genpachi finally realizes his attraction to Shino (Hakkenden: Eight Eastern Dogs)

genpachi hakkenden eight eastern dogs

After the death of her fiancé, Genpachi isolated himself from everyone. However, all of that changed when he, his brother Nobungo, and Shino fought together against a demonic attack. After looking at Shino closely, he decided that he would chase after him, but only when he grew up.

In fact, when Shino’s body reverted to that of when he was 18, Nobungo did not let Genpachi meet him for fear of seeing his brother fall even more in love with the now-grown Shino.

3 OD is a gender-neutral alien (Gatchaman Crowds)

Alien OD (Gatchaman Crowds)

OD’s genre is never confirmed in the anime, so perhaps they were very popular with the LGBTQ + community at the time the anime aired.

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In fact, the anime was acclaimed by the community for being an exceptional representation of the LGBTQ community. Another inclusive character was Rui, a young transvestite, while the show’s antagonist, Berg Katse, was a non-binary character who just casually kissed Rui like he was no big deal.

two Jiro was born male but identifies as female (Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens)

jiro tanaka (Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens)

Not only is Jiro a character who was born male, but now identifies as female, it is not even the full focus of her character, which makes her an even better representation for the LGBTQ community as it means that she is not just a Trick character of a note.

In reality, she is shown to be vindictive – a person who takes revenge on people in exchange for money and who hurts the perpetrators only as much as their victims. She also has no qualms about getting her hands dirty from her work.

1 Fire Emblem loves flirting with male superheroes (Tiger & Bunny)

fire emblem (tiger and bunny)

True to his stage name, Nathan (aka Fire Emblem) loves to go the extra mile when it comes to style. Striking colors, makeup and wardrobe: these are her most defining features. He is the closest to the superhero Wild Tiger, since he flirts with him more than anyone.

He once invited Tiger to spend the night with him, to which Tiger said he would not because Fire Emblem is not his type, seeing how Fire Emblem is much taller than Tiger.

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