Boardwalk Empire: Jimmy Darmody’s Shocking Death Almost Happened Later – Here’s Why

Boardwalk Empire’s Jimmy Darmody was killed off in season 2, but it was originally meant to happen much later.

Outside of Nucky Thompson, the most important player in the Boardwalk empire chessboard was probably Jimmy Darmody. As the series’ supporting lead, his murder was probably the most unexpected thing to come out of the HBO show. Even after his death, his presence haunted the series and unleashed a violent domino effect that influenced the direction of each season to follow. The son of Atlantic City political boss Commodore Louis Kaestner and damaged showgirl Gillian Darmody, who had him when he was just 13 years old, Jimmy Darmody was Nucky’s surrogate son who struggled to plunge into the criminal underworld after surviving the horrors of the First World War.

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Jimmy was killed by Nucky at the end of season 2 after leading the rebellion against him. Shot down in a dramatic scene that signals the beginning of the end for Nucky’s criminal empire. Despite the shock of killing one of the main characters so early, death fit organically into the series, although it was apparently destined to happen much later.

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During the two seasons he was in, Jimmy Darmody was played by actor Michael Pitt, a promising talent in the early 2000s who earned an infamous reputation on the many stages he worked on. Despite being extremely talented, Pitt was apparently a passionate man who was difficult to work with. Just a few months before his death on the show, it was reported that Pitt was fired by your talent agent.

There were rumors that this was what killed the character; However, executive producer Terrence Winter has repeatedly denied this, claiming that the decision to hasten Jimmy’s death was made specifically from a storytelling point of view and that Pitt was in death From the beginning. He even asked to get out “in the worst possible way.”

“[It’s] absolutely untrue, “Winter said. EW in a 2011 interview. “Michael is a total professional. It’s intense, of course, but I don’t think you can do that job without being intense. “Winter said the decision to kill Jimmy was made at the beginning of season two.” The idea was to try to push things to the absolute limit, including if that makes it difficult for you and your writing team. If you take things to the logical extreme with the situation we create, Jimmy has betrayed Nucky, tried to have him killed. You want to be honest about the storytelling … anything other than Nucky [killing Jimmy] It wouldn’t feel real, it wouldn’t be real And it would be a trap for us to say, ‘We want to keep our beloved character Jimmy Darmody alive.’ ‘

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Another reason behind premature death was Dabney Coleman’s battle with cancer. Coleman played Jimmy’s father, but his story had to be modified to accommodate his worsening condition, which would occasionally paralyze his ability to speak. Since Jimmy’s actions were often directly related to his father’s role in the series, the fact that Coleman’s scenes had to be cut changed Jimmy’s overall role in the story.

Things that would normally have unfolded over the course of several seasons were sped up to fit into multiple episodes when Jimmy murdered his father and tried to take over, effectively ruining any chance of reconciliation between him and Nucky. Since this accelerated, so was the end of his story, which would always end in death.

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