FIX: The wrong twist tries to subvert the Slasher genre but cuts off its feet

2021 Wrong turn is a confusing horror entry in a long-running franchise. the Wrong turn franchise, consisting of six previous films, is basically the lowbrow equivalent of the The massacre in Texas Y The Hills Have Eyes. If you liked them, you can enjoy this series as long as you don’t mind a cheaper copy of those horror classics. Otherwise, the franchise as a collective will not do much for you.

The problem is that the Wrong turn The franchise has always been following the leader, and is known for one thing: murderous cannibals who attack people who end up trapped in the desert. The trick is how those people get into cannibal territory, but in the end, it doesn’t matter, making this the kind of fun movies you’d watch with friends over a drink at the SyFy channel.

The new film begins with a father who goes to a small town outside the Appalachians, in search of his missing son and his friends. Cut to six weeks early, where the audience already knows where the general plot will go. Children enter the city, which offers many cryptic warnings that the cast inevitably ignores, eventually stumbling upon a cult society that regularly massacres everyone who enters its area.

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This time, however, there are no inbred cannibals, as seen in previous Wrong turn Movie (s. Instead, the seventh movie features a druidic tribe known as the Foundation. Teenagers cross paths with these fur-clad hunters wearing deer skulls, resulting in a movie that takes an abrupt and strange turn to At nearly two hours in length, this film is by far the longest film in the franchise, surpassing its welcome at the 70-minute mark, with the entire third act focusing on the character of the seeking father. to your daughter.

Wrong turn It is ultimately a very useful entry into the franchise, even if it feels different from the rest of the property at times. The movie is visually cool and haunting, especially in regards to the location and the Foundation as they look like something out of Skyrim with their skins and animal skulls.

The violence is also brutal at times. While it’s not as over the top as previous entries in the series, there are some pretty cruel and unusual deaths. Most of the blood is shown through cuts, but we see crushed skulls, impaled bodies, burned eyes, and cannibalism, delivering violence when plot and characters are missing.

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All of 2021 Wrong turn need to do is satisfy the itch by copying past horror tropes, as was done before, but Wrong turn try to bring the original from 2003 to the 2020s by changing the formula. Try adding the political text seen in popular movies like The purge. Rather than a family of inbred mutants, the Foundation is a functioning civilization. Meanwhile, the victims are meant to represent a diverse, Millennial / Gen Z audience, and even an old Southerner is “put in his place.” These incredibly privileged entrepreneurs establish that they are not soft babies, but the action of the film says otherwise.

Politics and horror go hand in hand, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre it’s a very political movie, just like The hills have an eye. The problem is that Wrong turn director Mike P. Nelson and writer Alan B. McElroy try to make The purge without understanding how that film franchise used all its aspects to create a social satire. Wrong turn takes an easier and cheaper route to political comment and in doing so is shameful.

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There are scenes where the movie stops abruptly when the characters argue with each other like they would on Twitter. Also, it is often the white characters who talk about the underrepresented characters. In fact, most of what happens to these characters in this movie is the result of the actions of the white characters, and as the movie progresses, the underrepresented characters have proportionally less to say.

The movie really tries to show how diverse it is without casting these underrepresented characters in the story. Three characters in the main group are people of color, two of whom are gay and interracial. However, none of these characters contribute anything to the plot and lack any real discernible characterization, with their fates ultimately decided by the white protagonist. They have no agency, which makes their inclusion all the more infuriating.

wrong turn

Wrong turnProblems become immediately apparent in his second half, where he becomes an overly long mess of brave creative decisions that just don’t pay off. Wrong turn it’s an ambitious movie in the sense that it really tries to achieve big ideas and themes. The problem is that the film does not successfully convey those themes through narrative. We’re told what the movie is about and what we’re supposed to learn, only to have that message brutally contradicted two scenes later.

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The film, especially in its second half, tries to tackle some very complex and nuanced themes. However, the events of the film and the actions of its characters are completely at odds with the various themes it is trying to convey. The movie wants to thematically show a message about not judging a situation based on its appearances, yet it constantly undermines this message after hammering at this point.

The message of the film is contradicted by the action. It also doesn’t help that people anxious about Wrong turn The violence ends up being lectured by the movie’s villains for wanting classic horror tropes and slashers. Soon, Wrong turn it is a confused movie at war with itself.

Directed by Mike P. Nelson and written by Alan B. McElroy, Wrong Turn stars Charlotte Vega, Adain Bradley, Bill Sage, Emma Dumont, Dylan McTee, Daisy Head, and Matthew Modine. The film is now available on VOD.

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