With each new James Bond installment, viewers can always bet that both the main and secondary antagonists are formidable. Raoul Silva does a lot of heavy lifting despite having several men on his payroll, including the skilled mercenary Patrice. Such is also the case with Auric Goldfinger, who has Oddjob at his side.

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However, there are some occasions when the men or women under your command overshadow criminal masterminds. Never outshine the teacher? These henchmen don’t care about that rule. With their ferocity and cruelty, they threaten to end Bond’s tenure as Agent 007 without needing much help from their bosses.

10 Mr. Hinx – Specter

James Bond and Mr. Hinx

Christopher Waltz disappoints as the general antagonist, Blofeld, but Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista) does a great job of filling the void. Hinx barely speaks a word and he also has the coolest car in the movie, the Jaguar C-X75, which he uses in a chase with Bond on the streets of Rome.

Hinx has many memorable moments and her performance is magnificent as she takes the place of a SPECTER member by gouging out her eyes. His duels with Bond take him from frozen mountains to a train where he beats up the MI6 agent. Bond would probably be dead if it weren’t for Dr. Madeline Swann. Meanwhile, Blofeld remains safe at his Moroccan base.

9 Red grant – from russia with love

James Bond and Red Grant in From Russia with Love

Blofeld occupies such a secondary place in the film that the killer and henchman Red Grant feels like the main villain. After Dr. No’s death, Blofeld is tasked with killing 007 so that he doesn’t turn out to be a nuisance in the future.

Grant takes the patient approach with Bond. He stalks him first, making sure he does things that benefit SPECTER first, including handing over an encryption device. Kill a couple of men who are trying to finish Bond so he can have the pleasure of taking 007’s life himself. He even befriends Bond by posing as a British spy.

8 Jaws – The Spy Who Loved Me

Shark in the spy who loved me

It’s not just the shark teeth that make Jaws stand out, it’s their overall toughness. When a car full of henchmen chases Bond and crashes into a house, Jaws is the only one to escape unscathed. With its teeth, it can bite into anything, which means it rarely needs a gun to kill people.

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While Jaws is busy chasing Bond, the villain Stromberg sits comfortably on his underwater base. Stromberg wants to wipe out most of the earth’s population so he can house the survivors in his underwater empire called Atlantis. It’s not nearly as impressive as Jaws almost complete with Dracula in Bond Inside a Train.

7 May Day: a sight to kill

Before Brixton Lore, there was henchman May Day in A sight to kill. The movie scores pretty low on Rotten Tomatoes, thanks to Bond being generally boring and chip-obsessed villain Max Zorin trying to sound smarter than him. Fortunately, May Day, who is super strong due to the Nazi experiments they did on her as a baby, saves the day.

May Day can be remembered for defenestrating a businessman who was unwilling to invest in Zorin’s company and killing a detective with a poisoned stage prop. She rarely smiles, except when Bond manages to seduce her.

6 Zao – Die another day

When Bond villains are mentioned, the name Colonel Tan-Sun Moon rarely comes to viewers’ minds. The North Korean general spends most of his time behind closed doors. But intelligence agent Zao takes a different approach. He spends his time in the field, protecting the interests of his superiors.

Looking at Zao is not an easy task. His eyes continue to shine and thanks to an explosive box containing diamonds, he has pieces of the mineral embedded in his face. Zao also involves Bond in one of the best chase scenes in the franchise. Thanks to your Jaguar’s thermal vision, you can spot Bond’s camouflaged Aston Martin. An iconic death finally dies, thanks to the fall of an ice chandelier.

5 Baron Samedi – Live and Let Die

The villain Dr. Kananga, aka Mr. Big, is unimpressive because he is a parody of African dictators. Big rules the Caribbean island of San Monique and also runs a drug empire in Harlem, where he plans to eliminate all competitors. His henchman, Baron Samedi, on the other hand, is threatening. His face is painted like a witch doctor and actually it is, since he practices voodoo.

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Mr. Big cannot control it completely, reason why it allows him to carry out his ritual practices. It is also immortal. Bond throws him into a coffin full of poisonous snakes, which bite him to death. But at the end of the movie, Samdei is seen laughing inside the same train that carries Bond and his love interest.

4 Nick Nack – The Man with the Golden Gun

Scaramanga has three nipples, an island, and a golden gun, but that’s about it. The killer is not as intriguing as his butler and housekeeper, Nick Nack. Not only does the henchman have a better name than his boss, but he also has a knack for thwarting Bond.

There is also the fact that he tries to kill Scaramanga on a couple of occasions so that he can inherit his vast property. Later in the movie, he sneaks into Bond’s ship and tries to kill him while making love to Mary Goodnight. Bond seizes him and defeats him … locking him in a suitcase.

3 Darío – License to Kill

Benicio Del Toro as Dario

The movie is good overall, but the villain, Sanchez, is quite similar to many others from the time. Several movies from the 1980s had drug lords as their main antagonists, thanks to the fact that it was the Escobar era and Sánchez was no different. His henchman, Dario (Benicio Del Toro), stands out as the most interesting baddie in the movie.

When Sánchez’s lover is caught sleeping with another man, Dario cuts the man’s heart and gives it to him so he can have it for life. He also evades the DEA, but Sánchez is captured. Later, Darius kills the wife of Bond’s popular CIA ally, Felix Leiter. It also has an amazing fight scene with Bond where he tries to assassinate the MI6 agent on a cocaine conveyor belt.

two Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint – Diamonds are forever

Kidd and Mr. Wint in Diamonds Are Forever

Like “The Cousins” in Breaking bad, sometimes it’s better when the henchmen come in pairs. Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint are hired by Blofeld and are tasked with murdering everyone involved in the diamond smuggling business. The henchmen perform their tasks with much glee and the two are so close that they even complete each other’s sentences and enjoy holding hands.

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His killing methods are also quite creative. They murder a dentist by placing a scorpion on his back. They also tie a Bond girl’s feet to a concrete block and throw her into a pool. Not to mention, they lock Bond in a coffin and try to cremate him alive. There is no shortage of entertainment with these two.

1 Fiona Volpe – Thunderball

Emilio Largo seems tough, but he doesn’t mix with Bond as much as Fiona Volpe does. The franchise’s first henchman is the perfect Fatal Woman. She seduces a NATO pilot to steal a fighter plane. She also does not hesitate to kill her own men. if required.

Among Fiona’s toys is a motorcycle that comes equipped with a missile launcher to destroy the cars she is chasing. Fiona is also Dominic Toretto at the wheel and Bond is very impressed with her driving. She sleeps with Bond and later tries to kill him, but the MI6 agent is victorious after using her as a human shield.

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