Jujutsu Kaisen: Can we talk about the adorable friendship of Itadori and Todo?

Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo from Jujutsu Kaisen went from being opponents to the most dynamic duo in the series, and it’s amazing to watch.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 20, “Nonstandard”, which is now airing on Crunchyroll.

As the intensity and action of Jujutsu Kaisen continues to rise, it’s hard not to notice the instant bond that forms between Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo. From their chemistry to their teamwork, everything about this exciting duo has fans clamoring for more. Although Satoru Gojo is hands down the strongest individual sorcerer, Itadori and Todo are hands down the best association in the series.

Despite taking positions on opposite sides of the Jujutsu Tech Exchange Event, Itadori and Todo formed a quick understanding, which started with a simple and straightforward question from Todo. While they’ve only known each other for a couple of episodes and hours in the context of the series, let’s see what makes them such an entertaining duo and how they could be one of the more powerful partnerships. Jujutsu Kaisen has seen.

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Itadori & Todo, from opponents to best friends

The director of the Jujutsu Tech branch in Kyoto, where Todo, Mai, Kamo, Miwa, Mechamaru and Nishimiya attend, ordered all his students to target and kill Itadori during the Exchange Event due to the threat he poses due to him it’s Sukuna’s ship. While everyone receives the order differently, Todo is the only one who pronounces himself and says that he will judge Itadori for himself. When Todo meets Itadori on the battlefield and exchanges blows, he is immediately impressed by his movement and physical prowess.

Itadori’s perseverance and talent continue to put him in the grace of Everything. However, when Itadori cites Jennifer Lawrence as his ideal girlfriend, Todo imagines a fantasy reality in which the two are best friends helping each other with everyday problems. This actually translates into when you both start referring to each other as best friends. Even as Todo continues to test Itadori and his limits, he offers constructive insight into the Cursed Energy and teaches him how to execute the Black Flash technique.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Fighting Brothers

The Itadori and Todo fight turns into an intense training session where the most experienced Jujutsu Sorcerer teaches the beginner, but Itadori confidently matches it up. Finally, they are interrupted by the invasion of Jujutsu Tech by the cursed spirits and find themselves in a life-threatening action, facing the fearsome and powerful Hanami. The level of understanding and cohesion in teamwork that Itadori and Todo demonstrate, despite not having fought the same opponent before, is devastatingly effective.

What makes them such a formidable combination is how similar the styles of Itadori and Todo are. They both possess amazing strength and are natural fighters. Todo’s cursed technique, Boogie Woogie, allows him to swap the location of two people or objects, as long as they have cursed Energy, by clapping his hands. As if they could speak telepathically, Itadori and Todo punch Hanami while Boogie Woogie has the three continuously interchangeable locations.

The instantaneous growth of Itadori from the teachings of Todo

The way Itadori and Todo coordinate with each other gives the impression that they are old war buddies working with strategies they have practiced for years. As the new best friends quickly establish their brotherly status, Todo wastes no time helping Itadori help himself reach greater heights. He always puts the ball in Itadori’s court, giving him the information but letting his momentum dictate how he will use the lessons.

During their initial clash with each other, Todo taught Itadori that Cursed Energy is always present and does not need to be channeled, finally explaining a technique called Black Flash, described as an impact of Cursed Energy delivered in a billionth of a second of a hit. While there are a handful of wizards who can perform Black Flash, it is nearly impossible to execute it at will. However, Itadori successfully delivers four of them consecutively, and Todo looks like a proud father.

Itadori and Todo’s new bond goes beyond their complementary fighting styles and stands out for the way they push each other’s potential and propel them forward. While Itadori’s growth is evident, we see in Todo’s short flashback that he is motivated by people pulling him out of his boredom and that is exactly the feeling he gets from fighting his new best friend. Jujutsu Kaisen It gives the impression that this is just the beginning of an exciting partnership that we can expect to see much more of as the series continues, and if they continue to improve, they will be untouchable.

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