The fourth entry in the hit Jumanji franchise has been confirmed by series producer Hiram Garcia, who says there are big plans in the works.

Jumanji 4 has been confirmed as in development, providing the third installment in the recently revived Dwayne Johnson-led franchise, and the fourth film overall. The franchise began in 1995 with the late Robin Williams as a child who is trapped inside the spooky board game until his adulthood, at which point he is unknowingly brought back.

The film wasn’t exactly a huge box office success upon its North American premiere, but its worldwide grossing ensured its blockbuster status was confirmed. In the years that followed, Jumanji became something of a cult favorite, and in light of Williams’s untimely death in 2014, a new respect for the film seemed to grow. But when it was first announced that a new Jumanji The movie was on its way with the likes of Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black, some fans of the original were more than a little concerned. Fortunately, the new sequel was well handled and Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle It shocked critics and fans alike with its clever and cleverly drawn continuation of the original. Two years after its release, the cast returned for Jumanji: the next level, and fans have been quietly waiting for more ever since.

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It may have taken a little less than 2 years for the confirmation of a quarter Jumanji movie is coming, but fans can now rest easy knowing that Jumanji 4 in fact it is on the way. According to a recent Comic book interview with Seven Bucks Productions president of production, Hiram García, talk about a fourth Jumanji the movie is “100%“Taking place. Everything is still in the early stages at this point, but Garcia seems very eager and happy with the franchise and the team that have dedicated themselves to making things bigger and better. Here’s what Garcia said:

You know, we are always having conversations, and that is a family, that entire group, if it ever existed. It’s hard to imagine or remember a time when I was on a set where there is only one beloved group of cast, crew, and actors, and that’s just one of those things where we know we have a great idea that we want to do with. she. . We have been discussing it. There have been conversations that we are in the process of advancing on that. I can’t tell you anything but we have big plans for that and that’s one of our favorite projects to work on and that’s cooking.

Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan and Jack Black in Jumanji The Next Level

Exactly what the “really great idea”What García is talking about is unknown, but given that the arrival of the game animals to the real world is caused during Jumanji: the next level end credits, it is debatable that a merger of the two could be what follows. Of course, fans of the franchise will already know that this focus was at the center of the 1995s. Jumanji, so Jumanji 4 (should you decide to take this option), you will certainly have to go bigger, or at least raise the stakes considerably. Judging from the track record of the last two movies in the series, that shouldn’t be a big deal.

It will also be interesting to see how Jumanji 4 handles the issue of Jack Black’s apparent retirement from acting. While the 51-year-old has not been fired from the profession entirely, he has previously stated that he is definitely in the cards. would do Jumanji Would it be the same without Black? There are likely a variety of answers to that question, however fans of the franchise and Black are sure to want the entire cast to return when the fourth film finally takes off.

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Source: Comic book

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