Legion of superheroes: 10 things you did not know about the great saga of darkness

The Legion of Superheroes these days is a franchise that very few people know about. Unfortunately, a ton of reboots and playing with continuity has left them a less stable franchise than they were during the ’70s and’ 80s. During those times, the book stood alongside the X-Men and the New Teen Titans as one of the most popular superhero comics in the stands.

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The Great Darkness Saga was one of the reasons for that. It was a massive and epic story told through multiple themes in which the Legion was pushed to the absolute limit by fighting a villain that everyone knows these days, but was considerably less popular at the time in Darkseid.

10 One of Darkseid’s first appearances outside of Fourth World comics

Having Darkseid reveal himself as the main villain in this arc might seem like a bit of a developed idea. Darkseid is always the villain of things these days, and it often feels like he’s around too often. But at the time, not many people knew who Darkseid was.

He was just the main villain in Jack Kirby’s Fourth World series, which wasn’t a very popular comic at the time and only got bigger later on. The character had made his first appearance in nearly a decade in these comics, but he instantly established his identity and became a fan favorite in one of the biggest superhero comics of the time.

9 The First Story of The New Invisible Kid

Invisible child II

This arc featured the new Invisible Kid who is rarely talked about these days. The second Invisible Kid was Jacques Foccart, who had the ability to make himself undetectable through the use of light waves.

He was also able to teleport, but couldn’t actually control it. Invisible Kid had made an appearance earlier that month, and he was immediately caught up in an adventure like this and had to figure out how to survive.

8 Daxamites destroy their own planet for Darkseid

Darkseid doubles the Daxamites

One of the biggest things about this arc was that Darkseid used his incredible power to swap Daxamite’s homeworld with the location of his own. With this, Darkseid was able to empower all of the Daxamites and bring them to the level of Mon-El and Superman.

As they were new to power, he subjected them all to his will and had them at his service for half the arc. Worse still, his first plan to make them work for him was to have them destroy their own planet.

7 Dream Girl leads the legion

Dream Girl leads the legion

In the past, one of the most interesting things about the Legion was that the leader was constantly changing. It was a vote-based system, and the leader wouldn’t be the same pair of people over and over again as most super teams.

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Occasionally, even fan votes could decide who led the team. For this story arc, Dream Girl was placed in charge of leading the team, beating Element Lad and a few others vying for the spot. Fortunately, it worked in his favor, because his premonitions are the reason the team won.

6 Superboy fights a clone of himself under a red sun

Superboy fights under a red sun

At the end of the arc, the team fought near a red sun, leaving Superboy in trouble, and the team was not much better considering that Superboy was one of their strongest fighters.

But thanks to Brainiac he was able to be equipped with special technology that allowed him to maintain his powers while fighting a clone of himself. This gives readers the amazing image of Superboy fighting his most powerful enemy under a red sun.

5 Supergirl returns to the legion of superheroes

Supergirl and Superboy fight with Darkseid

Supergirl’s comeback is actually big business for the Legion. The character had been missing from the comics for years, while Superboy was the only Kryptonian representative on the team.

But against such a massive threat, Kara Zor-El was summoned to the future to fight Darkseid. Both she and her cousin were empowered to fight him, but the two were defeated, and Superboy was even sent back to his time of origin.

4 The legion of substitutes joins the battle

Legion of Substitute Heroes

Much of this arc was about pulling out all the stops. Readers may not know it, but the Legion of Super-Heroes actually had some strict requirements early in the series.

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If the characters had too similar powers, they were expelled, and if they could not control their powers, they were also not allowed to join. The Legion of Surrogate Heroes weren’t used often, but this arc required them a brief (yet shocking) appearance to help the Legion deal with the Daxamites and find their boss.

3 Light Lass and Timber Wolf’s relationship falls apart

Light Lass and Timber Wolf

One of the ongoing C plots in this story arc was the exhausted relationship between Timber Wolf and Light Lass. While on a mission away from Light Lass, Timber Wolf found himself stranded with Saturn Girl. The two shared … something like an emotional moment together, only for Light Lass to find them at the last moment.

In the end, Ayla thought the Legion was causing nothing but trouble in their relationship and gave Timber Wolf an ultimatum at the end of the arc: Leave the Legion or lose it. Unable to give up on his friends, Timber Wolf lost the woman he loved after the arc ended.

two Highfather appears

Return of Legion of Super-Heroes Highfather

Most of Darkseid’s plans are carried out without the Legion being able to stop them in any meaningful way. The only thing that saves them is that the White Witch uses her powers to summon a strange child … who turns out to be the opposite of Darkseid from New Genesis, Highfather.

Highfather uses the remnants of his power to restore Superboy and Supergirl power, restore Orion, and heal the Legion so they can give Darkseid one last fight. He can’t stay, but his presence is the only reason the team was able to win.

1 Orion fights Darkseid

Orion fights Darkseid

Darkseid used his powers to bring back several powerful warriors that were completely under his control. One of those warriors turned out to be his son Orion, cloned and without memory in order to be a worthy servant.

In the latest issue, Highfather restores it to give Darkseid the beating he deserves. Orion is said to be the only person capable of taking Darkseid down, and even the clone comes closer than it should.

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