Suicide Squad’s new speedster makes kryptonite deadlier than ever

In the final issue of Future State: Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller introduces weaponized Kryptonite that is far more deadly than the original.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Future State: Suicide Squad # 2 by Robbie Thompson, Javier Fernandez, Alex Sinclair and Wes Abbott, out now.

Future State has made a name for itself by showing how the fan-favorite heroes and villains of the DC Universe have grown and changed. But it’s not always about your personal growth. The passage of time has increased the technological advancement of the Earth, as well as the ways in which it responds to threats. Future state: suicide squad # 2 has introduced another way to kill the survivors of Krypton, a spray version of green kryptonite that acts incredibly fast and is lethal to all Kryptonians. This new form of kryptonite could actually be more deadly than nirodhium.

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Having crossed over to Earth-3, Amanda Waller has launched her own “Justice Squad”, a parody of the Justice League under her complete control. She left her Earth because she simply refused to be saved, but her former Suicide Squad wasn’t ready to let her go yet. They followed her to Earth-3, planning to bring her back by force if necessary. This led to an inevitable conflict between the Justice Squad and the Suicide Squad. But even the true Justice League parodies are extremely dangerous, which is why the Suicide Squad had to come prepared with their own heavyweights.

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To make up for Waller’s Superman, Conner Kent, Peacemaker brought in Lor-Zod, General Zod’s son. Waller recognized Zod as the main threat and ordered Bolt to retrieve a weapon that he had been saving for the occasion. It was a spray version of green kryptonite, but Bolt assumed it would simply knock Zod unconscious. However, a single spray from the weapon killed Zod in a matter of seconds, traumatizing Bolt and demonstrating a terrifyingly effective way to kill Kryptonians.

The typical use of kryptonite against a Kryptonian is with the raw material itself. The radiation is usually enough to weaken their target, robbing them of their powers as they struggle to remain conscious. Long-term exposure can lead to death, but how quickly this happens depends on how close to kryptonite it is and how much is present. This makes a spray especially deadly. Kryptonite can be assumed to be compressed and now in liquid form, based on the way it came into contact with Zod, sticking to his skin and seeming to work its way into him.

In this way, the kryptonite can adhere to its victim, perhaps even making its way into their bodies through their pores. This would certainly explain why he killed Zod so quickly. And judging by Waller’s next order to Bolt, the K-Spray can affect any Kryptonian in close proximity, meaning that even Conner Kent, who is only half a Kryptonian, could also be lethally affected.

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In terms of effectiveness, there has yet to be a weapon more perfectly capable of killing Kryptonians. The only problem is that it is still a spray gun. To use it to its full effect, you would have to get close to the target. And if they are fighting a Kryptonian, that’s the last thing they should do. As a consequence, this weapon is best used as a means of surprise attack or even as a finishing blow if a villain somehow restrains a Kryptonian long enough to use it.

But that obstacle is nothing compared to how deadly the weapon is. In hindsight, it’s a wonder why no one has built something like this before. Superman can fight many things, but the air he breathes is not one of them. And Waller seemed to have this in store for just such an occasion. If he ever decides to return to his Earth, it is very possible that he will carry with him the ultimate weapon against Superman.

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