Trippy sci-fi thriller series’ Dr. Brain ‘comes to Apple from’ Parasite ‘star and’ I Saw the Devil ‘director

Based on an acclaimed Korean webtoon.


What if we could access our memories and brain waves as data on a hard drive? This question has prompted the acclaimed Korean webtoon. Dr. brain in a series of amazing animated pictures. And now, as part of Apple TV + ‘s new international content series (a globalization move that most of the big streaming services are making), this webtoon will be turned into an action sci-fi thriller TV series. live, courtesy of some of the biggest in South Korea. famous filmmakers and performers.

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Live action Dr. brain, currently in production in South Korea, is written and directed by Kim jee-woon, who gave us genre masterpieces as ultraviolent as The story of two sisters Y I saw the devil. Stars Lee Sun-kyun of Parasite Fame as a brain scientist determined to discover how to access our brain’s innermost secrets and memories, with the ulterior motive of uncovering the truth behind a terrible tragedy that befell his family. Producers include Kim, Samuel Yeunju Ha (Ok), Ham jung yeub Y Daniel han for Studioplex, and Joy jinsoo lee Y Min young hong for Kakao Entertainment.

A frame from the Dr. Brain webtoon

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While I am unfamiliar with the webtoon, I love the sound of this premise, I love the pedigree of the talent involved, and I love that the American public has access to more interesting international content. I’ve been a fan of the contemporary South Korean film scene for a while now, and getting such an intriguing, mind-blowing, and creepy TV series out of the hearts and minds of this group of great storytellers is a win for Apple TV +.

Check out the official synopsis of Dr. brain below.

“Dr. Brain” is an emotional journey that follows a brain scientist who is obsessed with discovering new technologies to access the brain’s consciousness and memories. His life is turned upside down when his family is the victim of a mysterious accident, and he uses his abilities to access his wife’s brain memories to piece together the mystery of what really happened to his family and why.

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