Even though Wolverine just saved one of his best allies from his Weapon X days, Maverick is able to betray Wolverine and the X-Men.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Wolverine # 10 by Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Glutton, one of Logan’s best allies known as Maverick may simply betray him and the X-Men. Even though Wolverine had just saved his life in Wolverine # 10, Maverick appears to have motives of his own, which could be directed against Logan and the mutant nation of Krakoa as he allied himself with the CIA and its newly created branch known as X-Desk.

Wolverine and Maverick were teammates during their horrible days on the Weapon X show (where Logan received his adamantium bones and claws). Together, they managed to maintain their individuality on the show, despite constant brainwashing and brainwashing. Using a shared mnemonic device that they created, they were able to recall small elements of their past and core self, refusing to completely become mere weapons to use. Thanks to this kinship with Maverick, Logan was finally able to escape the show, which began his path to becoming the hero and X-Man that he is in the present. As such, it makes sense for Wolverine to do whatever it takes to rescue Maverick who was being sold at a clandestine auction in Madripoor.

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When his cover was discovered, Wolverine was able to break Maverick’s brainwashing, and the two began fighting their way out of the auction house that had erupted into chaos around them. However, CIA agents led by X-Desk Special Agent Ramirez were in hot pursuit, and it was later revealed that they had been authorized to bid for Maverick, seeking a mutant agent of their own to aid in his tenure of monitor mutants and the nation of Krakoa. . Once they escaped, Wolverine eventually brought Maverick to Krakoa, offering him a new home and a place to belong, as Logan himself has found with the X-Men. Even so, Maverick declined Wolverine’s offer, as he was satisfied with his life among his team known as the Mercs. However, the end of the issue revealed that X-Desk offered the same money that they were going to use to bid for Maverick as a means of hiring him of his own free will, supposedly to serve as his spy.


Given that non-mutants have no means of entering Krakoa unless expressly invited by a mutant and with the knowledge of the ruling Quiet Council, it makes sense that Ramirez and the X-Desk are looking for a mutant agent for their employment. Maverick fits that bill, despite having lost his mutant powers during M-Day, as he has the ability to come and go to Krakoa if he wishes without arousing open suspicion.

In any case, it seems like Maverick’s job as Merc can overcome any loyalty he has to Wolverine. However, Maverick may agree to Ramirez’s offer to work as a double agent for the X-Men. After all, the X-Desk job at Madripoor put America’s treaty with Krakoa at risk, and Wolverine might be interested in knowing exactly what the CIA branch is doing as much as they want to know the deals themselves. of Krakoa. Here is waiting for one of Of Wolverine The oldest and coolest allies haven’t really betrayed him, as his series continues from Marvel Comics.

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