When a young Wolverine, then Jimmy Howlett, first developed his mutations, he had no idea what life he was going to lead. The boy ended up taking the name Logan and eventually Wolverine, and gained the skills to wield bone claws and functionally live forever. One of Wolverine’s mutations was a regenerative healing power beyond what any living human being has.

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Not only does he have super senses, but he can heal almost instantly from any wound or wound. This helped him to live with relative vitality for more than a century; however, it was not for want of trying that Wolverine lived as long as he did. There were countless times he could have died in the X-Men movies and somehow managed to survive.

10 When he was a child when his father was killed

Troye Sivan in X-Men Origins Wolverine

Before a young Wolverine’s powers manifested, he witnessed something truly horrible. The man who had raised Wolverine as his son, John Howlett, was murdered by a man named Thomas Logan. Worse still, when Wolverine’s powers manifested as a result of his anger and he killed Thomas Logan in revenge, the man revealed that he he was Wolverine’s biological father.

Thomas Logan shot John and he could have easily shot and killed Wolverine even before he developed his powers. Worse still, Wolverine was isolated for this incident and could have died in the wild from exposure or starvation if his brother, Victor Creed, hadn’t stayed by his side.

9 In any of the wars he and Sabretooth fought

Logan and Sabretooth in X-Men Origins Wolverine

For more than a century, Victor Creed and Wolverine fought side by side in a series of battles and wars. They were enrolled in almost every war the United States fought, from the Civil War, through World War I and II, to the Vietnam War. Wolverine was even held captive as a prisoner of war during WWII.

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However, while Wolverine fought because he had to and because he was good at it, Sabretooth fought because he enjoyed violence. As he began to enjoy it more and more, he actually got himself and Wolverine arrested and sentenced to death by firing squad. Although Wolverine might have died that day, his healing factor kept him alive.

8 As a Stryker victim at any number of points

Unfortunately for Wolverine, although he survived his execution by firing squad, his mutation alerted William Stryker to his existence, and the two would be at odds for the rest of their lives. Stryker uses Wolverine as a weapon for many years before Wolverine is forcibly removed from that life.

Later, Stryker experiments with Wolverine and attaches adamantium to his skeleton. Wolverine nearly died during that process alone. Over the next several years, Stryker would attempt to kill Wolverine multiple times, including shooting him in the head with adamantium bullets and chasing him in X2 with the intention of recapturing or killing him.

7 To the hands – and claws – of his brother, Sabretooth

Sabretooth X-Men Movie 2000

While Wolverine’s brother, and brother in arms, Sabretooth is a big part of the reason Wolverine survived to adulthood, their two paths diverged as they got older. Sabretooth grew more and more violent and malicious, and Wolverine just couldn’t take it anymore.

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The two fought multiple times, with Wolverine nearly killing Sabretooth before he decided to forgive him. This, of course, turned out to be the wrong choice for Wolverine’s self-preservation, as Sabretooth tried to kill Wolverine several more times over the years, even when the X-Men were forced to save him for the first time.

6 When Rogue drained him of his healing factor and life force

Wolverine stabbing Rogue in X-Men

After the X-Men, specifically Cyclops and Storm, save Wolverine and Rogue from Sabretooth, they bring the two mutants back to X-Mansion: Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters. Wolverine reluctantly agreed to stay in school for a while, but found it difficult to live and work alongside other people again.

When Rogue tried to wake him up from a nightmare one night, simply because he wanted to help him, Wolverine was so shocked that he accidentally impaled her with his claws. Instinctively, Rogue used her own powers to drain Wolverine’s healing abilities, but accidentally drained too much of his life force in the process and nearly killed him. In fact, Professor X even tells Wolverine later that if Rogue had been holding on to him longer, would do die.

5 I almost lost my job with Adamantium

Lady Deathstrike in X2

Although it seemed, in X2, that Wolverine had finally gotten away from Stryker and being used as a weapon, Stryker was able to put him back in. However, Wolverine was able to defeat Stryker’s fighters in battle, even when they wanted to recapture him and continue experimenting with him.

Instead of allowing the villainous Lady Deathstrike to attack and kill him, Wolverine directs Stryker’s adamantium needles at her. It fills up and overflows with adamantium, causing its death. This could have been what killed Wolverine, but he narrowly survived. She also nearly died at the end of the movie, but Jean Gray ended up sacrificing herself so the X-Men could escape and survive without her, including Wolverine.

4 As a victim of the dark phoenix

Part of the torment of living as long as Logan is the fact that many of his loved ones died. After losing Jean in X2, he was struggling to keep going and was very happy to welcome her back after she returned to X-Men: The Final Decision. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that the Phoenix had turned into the Dark Phoenix and someone needed to stop her.

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In the final showdown of Wolverine and the Dark Phoenix, he nearly kills Wolverine. He even said that he was willing to die for her, which was exactly what Jean needed to hear to gain clarity for a brief moment and insist that Wolverine kill. its, instead of.

3 When your healing factor was compromised

Logan in the 2013 Wolverine

Wolverine spent so many years as an invulnerable mutant that when his powers began to fade, he had no idea what to do. The movie Badger saw Wolverine get shot and do not instantly healing from their wounds.

As someone who spent decades, if not centuries, learning to fight like someone invulnerable, Wolverine has to spend Badger be a lot more careful than normal. Because he became so much more vulnerable than normal, he could have died at any point in this movie.

two Like a victim of the dark timeline

The end of the original X Men The timeline was a dark, dystopian future. In an attempt to prevent this heinous end from coming, the X-Men decided to send one of their own into the past. They chose Wolverine; however, if he failed, he would have no future to return to and would have died. In the end, he got it, but yet ended up almost dead.

When Wolverine went back in time and confronted Magneto, the supervillain impaled Wolverine and attempted to drown him. Of course, it is almost impossible to kill Wolverine, so it did not work, but, even trying to avoid his own death, the man almost died, more than once.

1 In the Westchester incident where Professor X killed other X-Men

Sir Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier in

Fixing the timeline in X-Men: Days of Future Past it meant that Wolverine could live the life he wanted to live. Unfortunately, the world did not become exactly what Wolverine wanted it to be. In the film Logan, the audience found Logan towards the end of his life, working alongside another mutant named Caliban to care for an elderly Professor X.

Similarly, it was revealed that, in the year 2028, Charles Xavier experienced a telepathic seizure that injured hundreds of people and killed several, including some members of the X-Men. Wolverine survived, but could easily have died at the hands of the professor, had he died from something.

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