Xbox Game Pass: everything that comes and goes in March 2021

Every month Microsoft adds and removes games from Xbox Game Pass. Here’s what subscribers are getting (and losing) in March.

Xbox Game Pass is easily one of the best deals on games, providing a massive library of games to subscribers on consoles and PC, as well as mobile devices via cloud streaming. The library continues to grow, with new games being added every month. However, the new offers for March are noticeably smaller than in recent months, something that seems to be a trend this month in games.

The first wave of March additions is particularly great for sports fans, with the most recent entries in some of the major franchises joining the service. Also notable are some of the games coming out this month. Here’s what subscribers can expect.

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Madden NFL 21

Available now on console through EA Play

The latest entry in the annual soccer video game series, Madden NFL 21, is now available on Game Pass for Ultimate subscribers through EA Play. Despite criticism of the series and its lack of significant changes between its annual entries, the game itself undeniably offers the dynamic soccer simulation experience fans have come to expect. The game joining Game Pass Ultimate may be a good opportunity for those who skipped when it released last summer to check it out.

Football Manager 2021 and Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition

Coming to console and PC on March 4

Both Football Manager 2021 And it is Xbox Edition They will come to Game Pass, the latter available on both console and PC, while the former is exclusive to PC. A sports management simulator for the game all but Americans call soccer, this is the first game in the franchise to hit Xbox consoles since 2007. It features 117 leagues from 52 countries, with 29 real-world leagues featuring full license. Football Manager 2021 is more realistic and detailed than ever, allowing players to virtually live their dreams of working with a team and guiding them to glory.

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NBA 2K21

Coming to Console and Cloud on March 4

Another controversial sports simulation game released last year is coming to Game Pass. NBA 2K21 It faced criticism for everything from its approach to next-gen updates to the inclusion of can’t-skip ads and the usual frustrations regarding microtransactions. Still, the game offers an authentic and realistic representation of the sport, immersing players in basketball games and culture, and allowing them to rise to the level of legendary players on MyCareer.

Star Wars: Squads

Coming to console via EA Play in March

While a specific date has not been provided yet, the flight simulator and space combat game Star Wars: Squads will join Game Pass sometime in March. Squads allows players to jump into the cockpit of Galactic Empire starfighters or the New Republic navy, using weaponry, shields and engines to emerge victorious in combat. Players can choose from four classes (Fighter, Interceptor, Bomber, and Support) and enjoy the game’s online modes or the single-player story.

Established after the destruction of Alderaan, Squads‘puts players in the shoes of the pilots of both the Vanguard Squad of the New Republic and the Titan Squad of the Galactic Empire. While the flight simulation elements of the game give it a sharp learning curve, Squads it’s perfect for Star Wars fans who have always dreamed of flying a starfighter.

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Soon we will go

Like every month, there are games coming out of Game Pass in March, and there are a few notable ones this month. By far the biggest title to go is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is currently available to console gamers. With Chronicles of Alvastia (Console and PC), Astrologer (PERSONAL COMPUTER), Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Console and PC) and Kona (Console) will be out on March 15.

You still have some time to try these games before they go, and you’ll get a 20 percent discount on the membership (10 percent for EA digital purchases) if you decide to buy them while they’re still part of Game Pass.

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