I mean, how cool is that? While Ben Affleck’s footage may be limited in this short clip, it is accompanied by the voices of various League of Justice characters. Throw in the Black Suit Superman look, and this clip will definitely get fans excited about the imminent release of the Snyder Cut.

The video above comes from Zack Snyder’s staff. Twitter page. The filmmaker has been constantly promoting the film’s impending release, especially now that it is complete and ready for the masses. Snyder didn’t accept a paycheck for his additional hours of footage and editing, so he could maintain full creative control. And many new concepts are being added to League of Justice In this age.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be available exclusively on HBO Max. You can use this link to register for streaming service.

The clip opens to Ben Affleck’s Batman, doing what the hero does best: meditating. As it becomes more visible, various other characters from the Snyder Cut are heard. First up is Ray Fisher, aka Cyborg, who admits that he didn’t believe Gotham’s Protector was real. After hearing more familiar voices like Alfred and Wonder Woman, things get really interesting.

More to come …


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