Fan favorite Zied turned full-fledged American in a recent video of him having fun on the shooting range. How did fans react to the not-so-sharp shooter?

In 90 day fiancéIt seems that Zied Hakimi really loves his fiancee Rebecca Parrott, despite their vast age difference. But in a recent Instagram post, it appears that Zied is also falling madly in love with America, or at least with the country’s Second Amendment rights. Zied showed his skills (or lack thereof) on the shooting range recently with a big smile on his face that said:

Fans have seen Zied and Rebecca’s relationship put to the test throughout season 8. Rebecca has had to control her jealousy and insecurities and Zied is adjusting to being away from family and living in a new country. But despite their difficulties, the new information indicates that the couple remains together and Rebecca and Zied were married before Ramadan. Now that Zied will be in the United States for the long haul, he is getting acquainted with the customs of his new home state of Georgia.

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Zied shared a video of him having fun at a local shooting range recently, and he seemed to be enjoying himself to the fullest. But even though he was having a good time, he still has a long way to go before he can call himself a marksman. It fires nine rounds in the video, but it appears to only hit the target once, which is why Annie Oakley is not. But its precision does not matter. What matters is that he is enjoying himself and his new life in America.

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As a fan favorite, Zied received a lot of love in the comment section. “He’s a boy (from Georgia) now“Said one, while another teased Zied’s accent and shooting skills, saying”Soooo mach bullets miss the target, so mach. “Even Zied’s partner 90 day fiancé Season 8 co-star Jovi Dufren commented on the video, saying “amazing!!“Many felt that shooting firearms is the most American thing, so Zied’s trip to the shooting range is a sign that he is fully embracing his new home.

As one of the featured stars of 90 day fiancé Season 8, fans love keeping up with Zied on social media. They are happy to see that you are adjusting to life in the US and adjusting to the major changes in your life. Zied looked like he was having a great time on the video, and now that he’s finally got his work permit, maybe a career in law enforcement is in his future.

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Source: Judge Zied / Instagram

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