Much like in Batman v Superman, the future state of DC Comics Batman has come to trust no one unless you are absolutely sure of them.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Batman / Superman # 2

It turns out that the bat Man by DC Comics’ Future state he still hasn’t gotten over Ben Affleck’s Batman mentality in Batman v superman: Dawn of Justice. The 2016 film version of the Dark Knight can’t trust itself Superman without the absolute certainty that one day he would not pose a threat to the world. The comics version of Batman in DC Future state He also has serious trust issues, with a very similar world view due to his concern and fear for the magistrate’s rise to power in Gotham.

In Future state: Batman / Superman #two by writer Gene Luen Yang with art by Scott McDaniel, Superman has been trying to help the Dark Knight with the Magistrate’s increasing infiltration and his growing control over all of Gotham, slowly turning the city into a fascist police state. However, the Man of Steel is overconfident and is captured by the Magistrate’s employees, prompting Batman to embark on a desperate quest to save his trusted friend and ally.

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However, when Batman tries to save Superman in trouble, he is forced to retreat after being thrown out of a building, breaking his leg on impact. While a group of civilians supposedly try to help the Dark Knight, Batman’s trademark cynicism comes out in full force as he cannot determine 100 percent with certainty that they weren’t working for the Magistrate. Unfortunately, this is a very similar and flawed perspective that the Dark Knight has in Batman v superman when his butler Alfred asks why Batman would want to fight and kill Superman: “He [Superman] he has the power to end the entire human race, and if we believe that there is a one percent chance that he is our enemy, we must take that as an absolute certainty.

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While Batman’s cynical nature means that he is typically one of the most skilled heroes in the DC Universe, it skews his judgment in some pretty significant ways. While Ben Affleck’s Batman has a degree of excuse as this was his first interaction with the Man of Steel, the Batman seen here in the early days of Future state definitely not. You’ve had a long time to realize that life rarely offers certainties and absolutes, and the cost of constantly mistrusting allies (and even the innocent on this matter) is not worth any potential benefits from always being protected and looking forward to it. worst of them. In addition to rejecting the help of civilians, his distrust leads him to reject Superman himself. He sends Clark away from Gotham because he believes his presence only leaves open the possibility of the Magistrate using his powers as a weapon.

If anything, this issue serves to show how concerned and fearful Batman is about the increasing threat from the Magistrate. He is really shocked and problems are set later in the The timeline shows that you are right to be concerned. However, that does not give him the excuse to return to the same simplified mindset and lack of growth carried out by a Batman who was learning at the time. Superman existence. This same mistrust is likely to lead him to work alone as the Dark Detective in Future state stories without reaching any of his many partners. It only serves to do Batman working harder as it ultimately leads him to ignore the easier solutions on his crusade and potential allies who want to do the same things he did at DC Comics.

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