Developer InnerSloth announces the Among Us Quickchat option, which immediately makes the game easier to play for users looking for a faster and safer option.

UPDATE (3/5/2021 3:15 PM ET): The official Among us Twitter has posted an announcement stating that some game lobbies on certain platforms are not working properly as a result of the update. The developers are currently working on a fix. Follow the original story.

A Among us The chat update now gives players access to a Quickchat wheel, which will significantly improve the in-game text messaging experience on all platforms. Among us He is perhaps best known for his appearances on content creation channels, where he is a staple of multiplayer sessions involving cheating, deception, and communication.

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The last element is crucial for the Among us The gaming experience and the success of in-game communication can be drastically modified based on a given player’s settings. Voice chat games are often what fans think of when they imagine how the game plays out, but the reality of the situation is that many players agree. Among us on mobile or in lobbies with strangers. Because of this, Among us The text chat options are important, and the previously clunky game interface has been something many players wanted to see changed in upcoming updates.

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Developer InnerSloth has addressed the official version of the game. Twitter to announce the Among us Quickchat update, which was added as of v 2021.2.21 and will immediately make the game easier to play for a large number of users with different needs. Among us Quickchat is something that fans have been asking for as an alternative to the original in-game chat of the title which, although optimized, was still awkward to use and could waste valuable time for users, especially those on mobile devices.

the Among us The quick chat option is described as “easier, faster and safer game option“for text chat users, and you’re already getting a lot of praise in responses to your ad on Twitter. The ad also triggers a Among us update in progress, with the tweet acknowledging that fans are “waiting for the news of the big update too“and more information to follow soon. The new feature is also available in all versions, making it a more standard experience and part of the learning curve for newer players, regardless of platform.

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Among us Quickchat is a huge plus for the millions of gamers who use the title on mobile devices or just don’t have access to voice chat settings. Making the game more accessible is a big deal with something as popular as the multiplayer title InnerSloth, and there is no doubt that it will benefit greatly from a new simple chat feature.

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Source: Between us / Twitter

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