Players looking for alternatives to “Kill and Loot” RPGs should check out these games, in which players bond with monsters rather than kill them.

Fight and hunt monsters in a tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons It’s fun, but what about befriending them, taming them, or hanging out with them? There are a surprising number of tabletop RPGs with scenarios, rules, and narrative themes designed to encourage players to build interesting relationships with monsters, not forbidding monster-human violence per se, but making the act of befriending each other. the wild beasts. and supernatural creatures as interesting as combat.

RPG campaigns in which players become “friendly” rather than “choppy” with monsters have been around for longer than many realize. In old school sessions Dungeons and Dragons and other early role-playing games, the design philosophy of “never create a combat encounter that players cannot overcome” had not yet caught on, leading to scenarios where low-key dungeon exploration groups level they encountered dragons, goblin hordes, or other high-level Beasts beyond their ability to kill in frontal assaults. To survive these lopsided encounters, smart RPG players would try to evade combat by feeding wild monsters, bribing smart monsters, or even simply engaging in flattering conversation; Even evil monsters, after all, can starve for a little talk after spending. all day at the bottom of a dungeon.

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Some modern board gamers, who are likely coming to the pen-and-paper RPG scene from video games, automatically assume that monsters in the game world are like those in computer RPGs, that they only exist to get killed (one of several catalysts behind killer-tramp tabletop RPG behavior). Tabletop role-playing games like Monster Care Squad and the others listed below attempt to counter this trend with scenarios and narratives that present non-violent interactions with monsters as perfectly viable, along with as intricate game mechanics for human / monster socialization and tactics as the rules for combat.

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Monster Care Squad

Tabletop RPGs Make Monster Friends Monster Care Squad

Monster Care Squad, an upcoming tabletop RPG, fuses elements of classic JRPG fantasy, Monster Hunter: Worldand the Arcadian movies from Studio Ghibli. In the once peaceful world of Ald-Amura, a magical disease called False Gold has infected various monsters across the country, driving them into a savage rage. Rather than taking on the role of monster hunters, players are Monster Care specialists, capable experts who travel around diagnosing the specific diseases infested monsters suffer, preparing treatments, and then subduing the monsters so that the cure can be administered. the Kick starter page for Monster Care Squad quotes narrative role-playing games like Ironsworn Y Blood rhapsody as main sources of inspiration, with modular skills like Specialties and Monster Gifts used to build characters instead of Playbooks.

Urban Shadows: Second Edition

Tabletop RPGs Make Monster Friends Urban Shadows

Urban Shadows: Second Edition, the next update of Urban Shadows 1st Edition, is a supernatural urban fantasy RPG in the tradition of The Dresden Archives, the Chronicles of Darkness Role playing games and all those romantic urban fantasy / paranormal dramas on TV. In this “Powered By The Apocalypse” system, players create characters with Playbooks based on archetypes of monsters and classic hidden mortals (the wizard, the hunter, the fairies or the vampire) who fight and conspire with each other, but also forge friendships. alliances, and even alliances. The Master of Ceremonies then works with his players to create a fictional metropolis filled with neighborhoods, secret societies, supernatural enclaves, and various Threats and Storms to complicate life.

Monsterhearts: Second Edition

Monsterhearts RPG PBTA

The go-to game for teen wolves, petty witches, and blood-sucking bad guys. Monsterhearts: Second Edition is another “Powered By The Apocalypse” RPG with playbooks for ghosts, werewolves, witches, and vampires who are also hormonal teenagers posing as humans when they attend high school. When scenes of challenge and conflict arise in a discussion session Monster hearts, players and their characters use Moves with titles like “Turn Someone On” or “Gaze Into The Abyss” to find out what happens next.

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Most of these moves are designed to generate stories with less focus on combat and more on The breakfast club – Teen-style antics, awkward romance, mysteries, and the complicated aspects of being a supernatural creature in human form.

MajiMonsters: the RPG that catches monsters

Tabletop RPGs Make Monster Friends MajiMonsters The monster-catching RPG

MajiMonsters: the RPG that catches monsters is, it combines fantasy RPG tropes like Dungeons and Dragons with the gameplay of Pokemon, Digimonand other franchises that catch monsters. The setting of Maji Monsters It is a world where magical monsters have invaded the world, and most of humanity has retreated behind walled cities and secluded enclaves to survive. The player characters are “Binders” – knights, wizards, and scholars with the ability to tame and seal monsters in magic crystals, then summon them to fight other monsters and blast paths through nature outside of civilization.

The mechanics of the game MajiMonsters: The Monster-Catching Roleplaying Game, as detailed in its Kick starter page, generate narratives similar to those seen on Pokemon deliveries, with players roaming a world of adventure, taming new monsters, and battling villainous factions seeking to use the power of the MajiMonsters for evil ends.

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Sources: Monster Care Squad / Kickstarter, MajiMonsters / Kickstarter

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