Bravely Default II is a challenging routine, but it’s fun and well-received in the franchise. Here are some tips, tricks, and strategies.

The third installation of the Bravely Serie, Bravely Default II features a new story and cast of characters. Players are challenged to fight for survival in incredible adventures of epic proportions with a custom team of heroes. With turn-based combat, players must have a defined strategy if they want to go far.

Though Bravely Default II it’s fun, there’s no breeze in the park. After receiving the Bravely Default II demo, many critics agreed that the game is more difficult than expected from the franchise. Here are some tips, tricks, and strategies to help players who are new to the game or just struggling with some of the fights.

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Using JP

JP stands for Job Points, and its importance in the game cannot be overstated. You’ll need to hit key job levels to gain some of the most useful skills in the game, but mixing and matching jobs can also be the key to victory. These jobs act like classic role-playing or class systems in role-playing games with the added benefit of being able to trade jobs for a character at any time.

Players will want to level up their JP quickly to activate two specific passive abilities and accelerate JP growth. In the Freelancer job, you will unlock the JP Up skill at job level 9. This skill increases the JP earned by a small amount; however, you can use this in conjunction with the JP Up And Up skill, which is unlocked at Freelancer level 12. With both abilities activated on a single character, the JP increase is much more substantial and reaching the level 12 cap of different jobs becomes a breeze.

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Major jobs VS minor jobs

Giving characters job occupations affects things like their class and abilities. It is also feasible to change a character’s job and give him different abilities. However, these abilities can only be used when the characters are actively “working” on those jobs. That is where it is useful to classify them into Main and Sub.

If you want to level up the JP of a particular job, say something that gives you good offensive ability, but you don’t want to lose all the skills of a job you’ve already maxed out, then set the maximum. work as its sub-job. This allows the character to dedicate their JP boost to the main job while maintaining the abilities and spells of the side job.

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Run away

There are two types of enemies that groups of players will encounter: those who run towards the player and those who flee. While it may seem less tedious to let these enemies get close to a player’s party, it’s actually better for players to let them escape first or avoid the encounter altogether. After a while, these enemies will stop running and players can position themselves behind their enemies before starting combat.

It’s worth the extra effort because it unlocks two pre-combat benefits for the player’s party: Allied Advantage and Feeling Brave from Your Party. While the first skill is fairly easy to pull off, Your Party’s Feeling Brave almost requires this tactic, especially for enemies running towards the player’s party. This will help players start turn-based combat first and start with an additional Brave point. It’s not much, but they can make a big difference when farming enemies.

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Use of accessories

Accessories are useful for improving a character’s stats, either for attacks or defense. Over the course of the game, players will end up gathering tons of accessories, each with a ton of useful abilities to boost stats. Accessories can be swapped from one character to another at any time and can always be swapped.

You’ll want these useful trinkets to get the edge of the vanguard in a boss fight. Many of these accessories can act as powerful countermeasures for certain bosses, so be sure to be prepared and actively classify which accessory to equip to which character. The accessories that players should definitely get their hands on are the ones that provide immunity to certain status effects like sleep or blindness. These can be purchased from the grocer.

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Cropping the grass

This one may seem silly, but you should always swing your swords on the patches of grass you find. Although the game tells players this at first, it is often overlooked as an efficient or methodical tactic.

Grass tends to hide tons of free loot in the game, and who can argue with the free team? Armor, weapons, money, and much more can be found among the blades of grass, so trim every hedge at every corner, especially in new unexplored areas. You never know when you will find something useful.

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