It’s easy to stick to a particular home base in Valheim, but it’s also important to know when it’s time to pack up and head to new lands.

The survival game Valheim It has skyrocketed in popularity since its Early Access launch earlier this year, and now more than five million people are playing Valheim and discover the joy of creating and fighting in the afterlife of the Vikings. The world of Valheim It’s huge, though, and while players can grow attached to the safety of the Meadows biome they start in, they’ll eventually have to venture into far more dangerous territory.

In Valheim, players must travel through multiple biomes to obtain the resources and skills necessary to take out the five bosses in the game. From Valheim Different biomes range from frigid mountains to deadly swamps and plains, all of which will introduce players to different types of enemies, environmental hazards, and obtainable treasures. However, what they will all have in common is that they will probably all be located far from the player’s base of operations.

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Valheim It has fantastic workmanship and build mechanics that feels ripped straight from Fallout 4, and players can easily spend hours and hours ignoring the general plot and just working to make the best of it Valheim settlement possible. While the game ultimately encourages this freedom, as evidenced by the fact that no fighting, eating, or sleeping never kills players in Valheim but it only reduces its stamina a bit, a stat that is not needed to build; It is important to remember that there is an end goal in Valheim, and players who want to reach it will have to pack up and move on eventually.

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Valheim walkthrough: when it’s time to move

While Valheim Players can eventually easily create portals that allow them to teleport from one place to another instantly, certain important items, namely minerals and ingots, whether they are copper, tin, or iron, cannot be transported. Minerals and ingots are required to craft a variety of items, weapons, and armor sets in Valheim, and they are also incredibly heavy, which means that players cannot carry many of them on their person. Sure, players can build roads and bridges and attach a cart to themselves to transport large amounts of ore across From Valheim map, but eventually they will want to build a closer forge.

By the way From Valheim workbenches and forges are upgraded, and due to the way enemies scale From Valheim different biomes, this is not as simple as bringing the necessary items and setting up a small workstation. Both forges and workstations need various additional items to utilize to their full potential, and furnaces require charcoal, which (unless players want to constantly burn their food over and over again) requires a foundry. All of this becomes quite a considerable investment and must be adequately protected from From Valheim Trolls, skeletons, gray dwarf brutes, Draugr or any other enemy that comes close to you. This means that the player needs a fence, a moat, or a spiked wall, something to keep monsters away from their new Valheim settlement and craft area.

All of this adds up quickly and you can grow into a great company. While it is nice to have a main base in Valheim that can be constantly improved or added, it is also important to know when it is time to load all resources into a cart and move to a different location. Everyone’s map in Valheim It’s different thanks to the game’s procedural build, but they all contain dangerous biomes filled with much-needed loot and far more deadly enemies. Players are likely to get away with staying home and venturing into the Black Forest, but once they start making regular trips to the Swamp, Mountains, or Plains, it’s time to bring that base a little closer, so that don’t run the risk of settling down. for hours and hours of sailing just to bring the iron to the furnace in Valheim.

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