Marvel Studios is reportedly casting a woman to play a mysterious shapeshifter on the She-Hulk Disney + television show. Are the Skrulls involved?

Marvel Studios’ She hulk The TV show is reportedly casting a mysterious shapeshifter character. Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe began with a move to the small screen for Marvel Studios with WandaVision, and the series is just the beginning of the content coming to Disney +. After announcing five shows at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel revealed plans for three more at D23 that year. One of the new properties was She hulk, a solo series from Bruce Banner’s super-cousin and attorney, Jennifer Walters.

Fans were already excited for the series to see She-Hulk in live action, but anticipation for the show has only grown thanks to its cast. Orphan Black Star Tatiana Maslany to Play Jennifer Walters in She hulk and future MCU projects. Marvel confirmed in late 2020 that two familiar faces were also returning, with Mark Ruffalo’s Smart Hulk confirmed alongside Tim Roth’s long-awaited return as Abomination. Casting in She hulk has continued to rally in 2021 as Marvel prepares for filming to begin, and fans have continued to speculate who else will appear on the series.

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According to a report by The Illuminerdi, a mysterious shapeshifter will appear in She hulk. The site claims that Marvel is looking for a woman in her 20s and 30s to play a recurring character with the codename A’Dood. She describes herself as “a mysterious shapeshifter who embraces Earth’s pop culture“who enjoys this life and its power. The media reports that this shapeshifter will appear in two of She hulkTen episodes.

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Although the details of the cast fail to reveal the true identity of She hulkAs a newer character, “A’Dood” is quite likely a Skrull. The alien race are the predominant shapeshifters in the Marvel universe, both in the comics and in the MCU. They were introduced to the MCU in Captain Marvel and since then they have appeared in Spider-Man: Far From HomePost-credits too. Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos is also confirmed for Secret invasion and the Skrulls are expected to take into account Captain Marvel 2 as well. If the shapeshifter isn’t a Skrull, it could be remakes of Marvel characters like the Hulk villain Abigail Wright or even the mutant Mystique.

If the Skrulls appear in She hulk, this could be an example of how Marvel Studios will connect the Disney + show with one of the general MCU storylines. The series should come sooner Secret invasion Y Captain Marvel 2, so the appearance of this shapeshifter could set those properties. Any exposure Jennifer Walters has with the Skrulls can be used to set up her comeback in any of the MCU titles. Whether or not this shifter turns out to be a Skrull remains to be seen, but it would be an intriguing connection for She hulk to include.

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Source: The Illuminerdi

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